How do I Delete My Account?

Priyanka Chopra Asks,

Hi, I created a profile some time ago when I was looking for a job. However, its been a couple of years since then and I am now well settled. I am not looking for jobs any more. But still sends me job offers and promo emails continuously. Please explain how can I delete or deactivate my account…

Hi Priyanka,

Unfortunately its impossible to delete your account. However, you can still stop them from sending you the job offers and other promotional email. To do this, just disable your profile on Here’s the procedure,

1. Login to and then click on My Naukri > Profile Visibility.

2. On next page, under the section that says, set your Resume status to Not Searchable. This will make your resume to be invisible to employers so they won’t contact you for any job offers.

This will stop 90% of the emails you get from However, to stop all the emails, just change your contact details and put some fake details in its place. To do so, go to My Naukri > Contact Details and replace your email address and phone number with some fake details.

If you still keep getting the emails, even after making the changes above, then send an email to with details and ask them to manually delete your account.

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