Can You Print A Currency Note Using Adobe Photoshop?

Recently I was researching on unconventional uses of Photoshop. While discussing the idea with friends, someone told me that anyone can use Photoshop to print fake currency notes. I told her that its not possible otherwise it would have been very difficult to control counterfeit currency in the market. But I was not sure so I decided to test this statement and started researching on Internet for this.

What I found is very obvious. You cannot print fake currency notes using Photoshop. You can open and edit a currency note image with photoshop, but if you try to print it, Photoshop will refuse to do it and will display the following error,


In fact, even if you somehow manage to bypass Photoshop’s restrictions, you cannot print a fake currency note from any printer or photocopy machine.

Now the question arises that how does Photoshop or the Printer knows that its a currency note image?

This is because the currency note designs include EURion Constellation. The EURion Constellation is composed of five small orange, green or yellow circles, which are then printed across different areas of banknote at different orientations.


All the color photocopiers, image processing software like Photoshop and printers include an internal algorithm, which refuses to print an image if it detects EURion Constellation pattern on it. You can read more about EURion Constellation here.

So the answer is – You can’t print a currency note using any image processing software, photocopy machine or a printer. And that’s really a great news (unless you are a faker yourself ;) )