Why do Canadians enjoy online blackjack?

Games of chance have fascinated humans for as far back as we can trace with even the earliest civilisations finding time to put their wits against probability. There is evidence that dice games were played in Mesopotamia as far back as 3000 BCE and there have been various similar games played ever since.

Playing cards have been around since the 9th century when printing technology was developed which meant that consistent cards could be produced. A text from that period describes a ‘leaf game’ that appears to have been a precursor to the card games that have become popular throughout the world and although they may be unrecognisable to modern players of online blackjack, they all have similar origins.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games played around the world, and although it’s not clear when it was first invented, it was referred to in literature dating back to the 16th century. While some historians believe that versions of blackjack were played during the Roman empire, most agree that the modern game originated in French casinos more than four hundred years ago.

What’s so appealing about blackjack?

Also known as ‘vingt-et-un’, ‘twenty-one’, and ‘pontoon’, it is perhaps its French origins that have made blackjack such a popular game in Canada due to the French settlement of large areas of the country. Whatever the details of the game’s history in Canada, it has remained a popular choice among Canadian players from its earliest origins right through to the 21st century.

Players the world over love blackjack, and Canadians are no exception: the combination of simplicity and complexity makes it an easy game to play and complete novices can win their first game without any experience. However, those that play regularly will understand the odds and that means that they can play tactically, making the most of good hands and capitalising on their knowledge.

There are a number of other things that make blackjack appealing, including:

You play against the dealer

Card games may be universally popular, but many people baulk at the idea of having to front out a table full of other players to win a hand of poker. In blackjack, everyone plays against the dealer and there is no need to try and spot anyone’s tells or keep your nerves steely in order to bluff your way into a win.

When people play poker in films and on television, the focus is always on the tension involved, whether the player has a good hand or not, as there’s no way to know your likelihood of winning until the final moments. In blackjack, the players can all see the dealer’s up card and gauge their likelihood of winning, so although the game isn’t over until the final card is dealt, there isn’t quite so much stress involved in keeping your cool.

The odds are in your favour

Even in games of skill, trying to beat the house will involve some degree of luck as well, so players naturally want to increase their chances of overcoming the odds. In casino games, the odds work to the casino’s advantage to a greater or lesser degree, represented by a percentage known as the ‘house edge’ which is calculated for each game based on the probabilities involved.

Blackjack has a relatively low house edge compared to other games, usually around two per cent, but experienced players can reduce that further by playing strategically. Because the dealer plays their hand according to set rules, it is a much more predictable game than some others, which makes it ideal for anyone that likes to use their maths skills to overcome the odds.

Practice makes perfect

Technically, you don’t even have to practice, you could actually become a proficient blackjack player without ever playing a game, simply by researching the strategies that are statistically most likely to win. There are plenty of resources that provide detailed breakdowns of how to play any combination of cards to increase your odds of winning.

By learning the intricacies of the game, you can play any hand confidently and win regularly. Land-based Canadian casinos will allow you to use a strategy chart while playing, but it’s even easier to use one when you’re playing blackjack online.

It’s fun and fast-paced

Games are relatively short, and players aren’t trying to win against one another, so it’s ideal for players that like to keep things moving. Unlike some games, there is some degree of skill involved in winning, but players can increase their ability level quickly which makes things even more exciting.

Because games are over quickly, you never get stuck with a bad hand for long – the hands can even be dealt quickly, so it’s ideal for people who don’t like the slow build-up of games like poker.

The rules are the rules

Some casino games come in different variants with rules that can change from casino to casino and even slots have different themes, jackpots, mini games, and storylines. However, blackjack is played the same way all over Canada, and indeed the world, so you will never be caught out with a rule that you weren’t expecting.

Perhaps it is this perfect balance of skill and luck, speed and strategy, familiarity and fun that makes blackjack the perfect game for Canadians that want to live up to their international image of being even-tempered and fun-loving.

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