Why Android Digital Signage Devices Make Good Marketing Tools

Wouldn’t you like a digital sign that is as easy to use as your Smartphone? For people who are accustomed to Android Smartphones, setting up a digital sign is no different than setting up a Smartphone. It is actually a little easier since you don’t have to worry about phone contracts, data, browsing, and so forth. Android digital signs are pretty good marketing tools. Here are a few solid reasons why that is the case.

Modern Software Allows For Rotating and Scheduled Posts

You can buy services like Kitcast for Android TV where you can schedule and rotate your marketing material to fit the needs of your customers. It can run adverts for your elderly persons in the very early morning, and adverts for middle-aged people up to around 3pm, after which it turns into parent and children marketing as the kids get out of school. Then, when it gets dark, the marketing focuses on the after-work crowd.

Get Information Out There Quickly

We live in an online world where people are informed very quickly about new developments. Imagine you had a stock of the newest game’s console. In the old days, you would have to run up some posters very quickly and put them in your shop window. These days, you download some marketing material from the promotions department of the gaming console manufacturer, and you pop it on your digital screens. It is high resolution, full color, and above all it is quick.

It is Low Cost and Reliable

The Chinese have hobbled their currency for so long that we can now buy high quality electronics for a fraction of the price they used to cost us. It is also thanks to Taiwan was the powerhouse manufacturer of semiconductors, that we get such cheap and reliable hardware. The problem is that people use poor quality software and poor quality operating systems on their digital signs, which results in frequent maintenance problems. It is embarrassing when cheap software and hardware causes screens to freeze and streams to drop their connections. It is embarrassing and it costs sales.

When you use a reliable system like Android, and reliable software like KitCast, then you can use even the cheapest hardware and you will have no problems. It is far better to use devices with operating systems from Microsoft, Apple or Android because they are more reliable, which means your signs have more up-time.

Integration With Existing Business Tools

This goes for both streaming and collaborative software, along with design and editing software. Android isn’t perfect when it comes to design software because it is missing many programs that Microsoft and Apple have, but when it comes to collaborative software, communications software, and file sharing, then Android beats them all hands down. There is a very good chance that the business and design software you are already using is compatible with an Android digital sign.

Digital Signs Are Great Demonstration Tools

You cannot show your lawn mowers at work in your stores, but you can show them on your digital signs. You can go the extra mile and show people how your products act under extreme stress. Also, you could create comparison shows that demonstrate (in a TikTok, quick video fashion) how your products are better than your competitors. If you wish, you can create content that attracts people from across the street, or you can create quiet content that whisper to people as they pass by in your store.

Don’t forget that you can compare and demonstrate based on costs. You can show people what they are getting if they pay that bit extra. You can show people the difference between your bronze and silver packages with the hopes of up-selling to people, and you can do it all on your Android digital sign.

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