Who Is Likely to Gamble: Extroverts & Introverts

Do you prefer spending your Saturday night in a crowded Loto-Québec casino lobby or curled up on your smartphone, engaged with your favorite vegas online slots? Does your ideal casino fun day involve going out with friends or hanging out at a place where you avoid the company of many people? Well, whichever way you prefer to play, there’s no right or wrong way to do it, provided you act gambling responsibly.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that the first person in our examples is an extrovert, while the second in each instance is an introvert. So, when it comes to the general gambling habits for those who gamble, most of us exist in a spectrum between the two scenarios. With that in mind, the question we want to answer today is, which of the two personalities is more likely to gamble? More importantly, does our nature influence our overall gambling habits? Spare the next couple of minutes of your time as we try to answer these questions in today’s post.

Extrovert Gamblers

Gambling, especially in brick-and-mortar casinos, is an activity that involves a lot of people. It is very engaging and may include a lot of interaction with different individuals. Naturally, the extrovert gambler will find their niche here, engaging cheerfully in an activity that seamlessly blends in with their personality. Such environments are usually the domain of individuals with outgoing personalities.

Extroverted individuals thrive in spaces with many people, and they often come out to the general public as being loud and brash. Moreover, when an extrovert is playing among friends, they are conscious of their image and reputation. As a result, their gaming moves may be made out of an impulse to try and impress the crowd.

When it comes to the style of play, extroverts are sometimes okay with operating by the ‘go big or go home’ mantra as they are mainly there for fun. Even if plenty of money is on the line, they are willing to take more considerable risks and enjoy themselves even if things don’t go their way. These big bets sometimes lead to fantastic jackpot payouts if Lady Luck comes knocking. Additionally, the fact that they can make new friends along the way in the casino even makes their gambling encounters more exciting and satisfying.

Introvert Gamblers

Introverted gamblers are, of course, more reserved than extroverted ones, which also reflects the way they play. For instance, unlike the extrovert gambler, this type of gambler often more carefully thinks over every decision they make in the lobby. As such, the types of risks an extrovert gambler will take will likely not be the same as that of the introverted gambler. This is because, in the minds of introverts, the odds are stacked against them, bringing an overriding desire to try and control the gaming process.

Other characteristics that introverted gamblers generally have include:

• preference for online gambling instead of going to land-based casinos to avoid running into many people;
• limited engagement time with other players and a tendency to play alone;
• lack of enjoyment of playing in crowds and preference for playing among a small group of friends instead.

With the points above, we can confidently infer that there are some environments that the introvert will find comfort in when it comes to gambling and entirely avoid other settings. But then again, that isn’t to say that all online gamblers are introverts, as we all know the perks that online gaming comes with compared to land-based casino activity. You can still find an introvert in a real-life casino with croupiers and many other players seated at a casino table, enjoying themselves even though they don’t talk much.

There’s No One Size Fits All

When it comes to gambling, we can’t really say that one has an advantage over the other or pushes other individuals into gambling more. Both attitude types described in this article have their strengths and weaknesses, which generally do not tip the scale in one specific direction when you look at success rates.

So, going back to the question of which personality is more likely to gamble, there’s no straight answer, as it all depends on many other factors. For example, when it comes to games, table ones (at live online casinos and land-based lobbies) will put you in a position where you interact with more people compared to, say, slot machines.

All in all, for the best experience and outcomes, it is advisable for players to understand themselves better and leverage their personality traits in their gambling escapades. That way, they make more informed decisions, ranging from what games to play and what moves to make in the thick of gaming action.

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