White Hat Link Building Techniques

White hat link building implies any link which aligns with the webmaster guidelines of Google. In reality, Google cares about its users, and the backlinks you establish should benefit them. That means you will develop ethical links without manipulating the system. Keep reading this article to find out how you can achieve the best white hat link-building campaign.

Fix broken links

One of the most effective white-hat link-building strategies is to rebuild broken links. In reality, when you fix bad or broken links, you improve your site’s domain authority.

Broken links imply links which direct a user to a blank page instead of the suggested content. Broken link issues can happen for reasons such as:

  • The site manager has linked to random sites caught in a firewall, blocking outside access
  • Certain software or firewall is making your site inaccessible
  • The site associated with the link does not exist or was deleted by Google
  • The site that contained the link removed the linked webpage
  • The site manager entered an inaccurate link URL

You should not leave any broken links because you can lower your SEO ranking. Fortunately, after identifying broken links, you can fix them using the following strategies:

  • Redirecting broken pages to relevant site pages or other locations
  • Replacing content available on a broken URL
  • Contacting the linking website to request them to fix the associated issue

Guest blogging

Guest blogging involves one of the most tested and tried strategies of white hat link-building. With guest blogging, you can establish the link profile of your website and increase site traffic. To undertake guest blogging, you can write content for other sites or invite bloggers to write for your website. In this case, you will consistently write for sites that promote your posts on their channels, leading to enhanced engagement. However, it is advisable to ensure that the site links back to the content you have written before publication. Most importantly, you should be careful to avoid receiving penalties because of using spam guest posts to manipulate your site for SERPs.

The following are examples of guest blogging violations that can result in penalties.

  • Exchanging your links to receive goods and services
  • Paying money to receive links containing posts or links
  • Sending “free” products or services to people so that they can contribute positively to your product before including links to your site
  • Using automated programs or services to develop links

Before you request web admins, media outlets, and bloggers for potential link placement, you need to consider the following:

  • Examine the popularity of the site and determine if it has a solid follower base
  • Undertake site audit by checking if the existing content is up to date and informative
  • Determine the site audience and if they will be relevant within your niche
  • Check the authority of the site’s backlink profile to ensure it follows the required ethical standards and does not face the risk of suffering from penalties

Boost the credibility of your brand using case studies

In building a resource of valuable content, you need to develop case studies to show the success of your brand. Case studies will add some level of authenticity to your online business and demonstrate to your audience that you can assist them in overcoming their problems and attain their goals. For instance, if you develop a good case study that affects your clients’ needs, there would be a high likelihood of them linking to your site. Apart from that, you can volunteer for relevant case studies.

Obtain data-based insights

You can enhance your ability to earn authority links by using data-driven content. Most people who link to a webpage are searching for content to help in supporting their claims. In reality, data-driven content can capture the readers’ attention and make it worth it for them to site your site. You can achieve that by:

Research compilations
You can develop a comprehensive overview of the topic you are writing about by compiling past data-driven research. The research compilation will be informative since you will gather results from different sources. The comprehensive scope of the research you undertake will be the main reason you can generate consistent links.

Engaging in relevant surveys can enable you to numerous general links. You can begin your surveys by identifying questions your audience might be interested in exploring further and determining the appropriate content headline.

White hat link building brings significant benefits to the SEO aspects of your site and the visibility of your brand. Although several techniques can help you achieve this kind of link building, you need to counter-check the domain authority of the web resource you choose. In summation, it is better to avoid appearing on low-quality sites and spending several months suffering from Google penalties.

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