Which characters are worth playing and earning gold in Tarisland

Tarisland can be called a promising and new MMO RPG, which is fighting for leadership with World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

For now, players will only have access to a certain part of the content, which will be constantly updated and offer new zones and mechanics.

For now, the base level is limited to 30, but this provides an excellent opportunity to test all current characters and choose the main character on whom you will receive experience and gold in Tarisland.

What characters will be available

You will be able to choose between classic and slightly non-standard heroes for your gameplay, moreover, each hero will have two development options that will lead him along the usual path, or completely alter


A melee hero who can use his skills to accelerate damage and inflict massive attacks on the enemy. He will be able to use the rage skill to temporarily enhance his attacks and literally crush his enemies. This is one of the most powerful characters for earning tarisland gold. You will be able to use many mass skills on groups of monsters.

The player can choose the path of defense, and then he will receive a massive provocation to keep monsters on himself and a number of skills to enhance shield blocking and physical protection.


A hero with physical damage and the ability to imbue his axes with enhanced runes, which can have one of two effects to choose from

You can choose lightning if you want to give your attacks a chance AoE skill that will scatter lightning around the hero during attacks and deal additional magic damage to all targets hit. This is a great option for grinding and earning cheap gold in Tarisland.

If you choose the storm option, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your attacks and cause increased damage, and due to the high attack speed, you will be able to deal quite strong damage to enemies and especially strengthened opponents like tanks and bosses in raid zones and dungeons.


A ranged class with the highest damage against ordinary monsters, but also a dependence on the mana resource, without which it is impossible to create magic spells.

This is one of the most stable heroes for getting Tarisland gold, because the total damage is enough to destroy entire groups of monsters and collect resources and gold from them.

You can choose the path of fire or ice.

Fire will allow you to deal more additional damage to targets that have received touch from your skills. All enemies hit will burn and lose health, even if you stop continuing to damage them.

This is an ideal format for a hunting scenario against groups of targets and monsters.

Ice will allow you to concentrate your damage on single targets and reduce their combat characteristics by applying a freezing effect.

This is a good option for PVP and raids because you will reduce the boss’s combat capabilities, which will force him to reduce the pressure on the tank and slow down his attacks and movement.


The most protected class in the game, regardless of which development path you choose for it.

If this is a classic paladin who chooses the path of defense, then you will be able to not only defend yourself and all allies, but also deal damage and apply healing.

If you choose the attacking direction, you will get a warrior who uses the power of light and his armor to deal damage to opponents.


This is a classic-ranged hero who relies on his physical damage to the enemy.

In Tarisland you can choose two directions for his attacks – calling wild animals, or a full-fledged shooter.

Summoning animals allows you to place a big bet on your own survival and camouflage and use of your creatures for basic attacks on opponents. You will be able to strengthen and heal your pets while they attack the targets you direct them to.

If you choose a classic marksman, you will get a ranged hero with a physical attack type and various skills for destroying single and multiple targets. These will be the skills of stunning, slowing down and simply damaging enemies. This is a hero who is excellent at extracting cheap Tarisland gold without spending a lot of resources – if he hunts without support, then he simply does not use mass skills so as not to provoke many enemies, or constantly moves and shoots them from a distance.


This is an important hero for any serious grind, raid, or PVP due to the large number of skills for healing yourself and allies and removing negative effects from them.

The healer can choose two directions of development – to be a classic healer, or to choose the path of a magician of light and inflict single and massive attacks on enemies with the power of holiness.

Remember that when choosing the role of a full-fledged attacking hero in many groups, you will be required to have the appropriate equipment and weapons.


Choose the bard class if you like to provide support to your group and other players.

The bard can perform melodies that will enhance the characteristics of the entire group and impose various useful properties, such as accelerated regeneration of health and mana.

The second direction of the class’s development is associated with long-range attacks using music, which makes him a half attacking character and half a support hero without a strong advantage in one direction.

Ways to get gold

The best way to get more gold in Tarisland is to follow the quest system, which will gradually lead you to the maximum level and allow you to get to the most interesting content.

Then the dungeon system will help you, where you can get various rewards from monsters, which can be profitably exchanged for in-game gold simply by selling it to other players.

Finally, you can simply buy Tarisland gold and get the amount you need thanks to the professional Skycoach service.

You just need to select the desired amount and pay for the order, after a short communication with the manager, the order will be delivered and you will receive your reward.

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