What is the Process to Measure Share of Search?

It is significant for digital marketers to check the visibility and performance of the organization. On this note, there is a solution to take a quick check of the company. Previously, the share of voice has been an essential factor that can aid marketers in checking their activities, predicting growth and setting budgets. In the past, marketers have been searching for how to measure the share of voice. But now, most marketers are switching to a new and latest metric, Share of Search, to check the effectiveness of the company.

What is Share of Search?

This is the new and agile way to calculate your company’s performance with your competitors. It can track the company’s popularity on the search engine and spend optimization, and you will get a clear idea about your company’s position with the competitors after the assessment. It is highly beneficial for tracking how marketing, PR and SEO activities can affect search visibility.

This new metric can forecast the future market share; if the search metric increases, that defines that the market share also increases.

How to Measure the Share of Search?

There are various types of methods that are used to measure share search. Here are the three most popular methods; take a look:

1. Using Google Trends:

This is considered the most popular Share of Search methodology to calculate the company’s performance. If you are not aware of Google Trends, no worries, you don’t require any subscriptions or payments; it is a free tool. Google Trends can provide you access to information on search trends. It displays the company’s rating of how frequent and widespread the search keywords are. It can give you a rating from 0-to 100. The separation of the keyword can help highlight the spots when a brand name or keyword is maximum searched for. You can add available filters, such as time, region or search type.

You can check the brand name or keyword with the competitors. By doing this, the search volumes can deliver the index rating. By comparing with brand searches, it can display the company’s visibility after some specific searches. The brand visibility can be shown after 12 months.

2. Using Rankings Method:

This is another method for a share of visibility using search. One of the benefits of using this method is that the companies can examine the visibility by using unbranded searches. By doing the searches using keywords, Google can spot the number of websites. The rankings method can grab the number of times the Google links with every website.

Generally, people look at the first ten results for the keywords; in total, there will be 50 links. All these 50 links are meant to be 50 different websites, and there are some cases where there will be several other links for the same website. Suppose there are five links to a single website, then the website can be marked as a 10% share.

It is such a smart and simple way to know which brand your company is competing with. The ranking is the foremost important factor, and most people consider the top results displayed on Google search. There is also a basic logic that you need to remember: a brand that ranks on top for five searches will have less share when compared to a brand ranking at 10 for more than five searches.

3. Clicks Method:

This method can identify the traffic of the website by using keyword rankings. It can merge the two data centres. It uses the multiplication process to calculate the monthly searches for the anchor tags by using the clicking rates. You can evaluate the number of clicks that a website link can deliver when the results are displayed for a set of particular keywords.


Make sure your company is on track and has the proper performance and the visibility of the brand. To know your brand awareness, use these search metrics and experience the results they are delivering.

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