What is Rooting an Android Phone? Android Phone Rooting Explained

Rooting an android phone basically means getting complete control, that is, root access to your phone’s system files and ability to change anything. You can do things on a rooted android phone which you can’t on a normal phone.

The term root/rooting comes from Linux operating system where the user with most privileges is called root. Its nothing special, just like an Administrator on Windows, or, if you are familiar with iPhone terminology, rooting an android phone is just like jailbreaking an iPhone.

Most android phone manufacturers and carriers put some restrictions on the phone when you purchase it. The restrictions are there for many reasons, but if you want to override those restrictions, you must root your phone.

Obviously carriers and manufacturers of phones frown upon the practice of rooting. But there is no way they can stop users from rooting a phone as the procedure of rooting normally involves exploiting a bug in the phone’s operating system and its impossible to make anything bug free!

If you are looking to find a way to root any android phone, then simply type “root phone-model” in the search box above. We probably already have a tutorial on rooting the phone you have! If you can’t find a tutorial to root your phone on HackTrix, then contact us and we will publish one soon.

Note: Sometimes rooting a phone may break it forever, so make sure what you are doing before attempting to get root access on a phone.

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