What are zipx files? How to Open zipx files?

ZIPX file is a archive file that is created using an advanced compression algorithm. This format was introduced in 2009 starting with WinZip 12 suite of software.

If you need more detail then ZIPX file is a zip file that used one of the following compression algorithm depending upon the content to be archived,

  • PPMd
  • WavPack
  • LZMA
  • bzip2

Thus if you need to create an archive containing image files, then the best algorithm for image files’ compression will be used. If you need to compress video files, then a different algorithm that suits video files will be used and so on. This is done to make sure that the compression is effective and the size of archive is small.

Because of these advanced compression methods used by WinZip 12, zipx are most perfect and smallest zip files.

To open or extract zipx files you can use one of the following two software,

1. WinZip 12

2. StuffIt Deluxe 2009 Windows

Note that both of the above software are not free, but you get most up to date enterprise class compression technology (with zipx format) if you use them.


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