What are some of the Best Sports Anime of All Time?

In recent years, Japanese animation (or anime) has begun to garner massive amounts of popularity throughout Europe and the United States. Both the anime and manga industries have entered a kind of golden age, garnering fame unlike ever before. The first volume of the long-running manga series, One Piece just recently became the second best-selling comic book of all time, behind only Action Comics #1, which featured the first appearance of Superman.

Sports have been part of human history since humans first started walking upright. Evidence suggests that wrestling and boxing were first practiced in the prehistoric era, track has been around since Ancient Greece, and various kickball games, which could be said to be the origins of football, existed in various cultures throughout the world. In recent years, the sporting world has grown massively in popularity, as betting sites like DraftKings, clearly show.

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Our culture’s obsession and love of sports, has led us to create films, television shows, and yes, even anime, where the main plot revolves around a sport. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best sports anime of all time.


Shoyo Hinata is a junior high school student who develops a deep passion for volleyball after seeing a high school team shine during nationals on TV. Having never played a single game of volleyball, Shoyo joins his school’s team, and trains hard to become one of the best.

Combining the classic tropes of, so-called, shounen anime, with the well-known tropes of sports films, Haikyuu!! Manages to tell an emotional, gripping story. With four seasons out at the moment, fans are still waiting on a fifth, which according to sources, will not be the last.

Hajime no Ippo

It is impossible to talk about sports anime without mentioning Hajime no Ippo. One of the longest-running manga in history (with over 1300 chapters), the comic book and anime tell the story of a timid highschooler named Ippo, who accidentally stumbles into a boxing gym and develops a passion for the sport.

The manga, and anime, sees Ippo throughout his journey to become regional, national, and eventually, World Champion. While the manga is still on-going, with over 1000 chapters, the anime is complete, with 4 seasons, and a movie. In other words, Hajime no Ippo has something for both people who are in it for the long-haul, and those who want a finished show to binge.

For those who may not be aware, Hajime no Ippo is currently running on Netflix, which is among the most popular and best-loved streaming services in the world. So, you can easily access the anime, just by opening your own Netflix account, or sharing one with a friend.


Kobayakawa Sena is an unremarkable high-school kid, with no serious athletic ability, other than his insane speed and agility. When the captain of the high-school’s American football team spots Sena running from some bullies, he forces the kid to join the American football club, which Sena reluctantly agrees to do. However, Sena’s social anxiety causes him to perform poorly. To combat his nerves, the boy puts on a disguise, and plays the game under the pseudonym, Eyeshield 21.

While the popularity of American football might not be as wide as boxing’s or volleyball’s, Eyeshield 21, manages to tell a fantastic story, and is worth checking out for fans of anime, or any sport in general.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Fans of action series like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Yu Yu Hakusho will certainly be familiar with the tropes of Shonen action anime. However, have you ever wondered what those tropes would look like if applied to sports anime?

Well, Kuroko’s Basketball is the answer. The series follows the exploits of Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami, whose goal it is to take their newly-formed high-school basketball team to the top. To do this, they must face off against the Miracle Gen, a group of highly-skilled, high-school basketball players, who dominated the Japanese middle school basketball scene.

Thrilling, exciting, and immensely fun, Kuroko is guaranteed to keep you entertained for its three-season duration.

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