uTorrent For Mac is Now Available

uTorrent, the most popular torrent app for Windows, is now available for Mac as well. It took about three years for the uTorrent team to release this stable version of uTorrent For Mac. But after all this hard work, the final release is almost identical to the Windows version.

The Mac release contains all the protocol enhancements like Protocol Encryption, PEX(Peer exchange), DHT(Distributed hash table), and uTP transport.

While most of you are familiar with PEX and DHT (if you’re not, then follow the wikipedia links above ;)), uTP transport is a new concept. Its a protocol that provides best download speeds by getting around the ISP traffic throttling. It also ‘sees’ your TCP traffic, that is, regular web activities like web browsing, and adjusts download speed according to it, so that your normal online activities aren’t affected.

You can download uTorrent For Mac from this link.

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