Using Technology to Improve Driver Habits

When your employees have safe habits while on the road, they are less likely to get in an accident that could injure or kill someone else. That’s why it is so critical to use technology to improve your drivers’ habits. It helps ensure they are as cautious as possible while behind the wheel.

Using Electronic Logging Devices

Many areas have requirements for drivers to track their hours because they are limited to a certain amount of time on the road before needing to take a break. Using electronic logging devices (ELDs) can help drivers remain in compliance. Another advantage is that these devices can track driver behavior, giving you more insight into how your employees are performing. You can track the data in a central system and map the data over time to see how your fleet is doing.

Monitoring Behavior While on the Road

It’s a good idea to track employees while on the road, even when you can’t see them. Technology is extremely useful when monitoring the team since it lets you observe their habits while they are performing their job duties. It’s a good idea to let them know you are monitoring them. When they know they are being watched, even when they are not directly with you, they are more likely to drive safely. Certain types of technology let you monitor exactly what they are doing. You might be able to determine if they are using a phone while on the road. Sensors allow you to determine how the driver is moving the vehicle around.

Using Technology to Educate Employees

It’s a good idea to offer continuing education to drivers, and technology can help you do this. You can enroll them in online courses that will teach them about safer habits. They will also have the chance to get clarification on anything they have found confusing. Don’t limit training to something that is only done once per year. It should be something that happens on a regular basis, allowing your employees to become more aware of things they need to improve upon. That lets them correct these issues as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to look for online training courses that can help your employees continue to grow.

Using Tech to Reward Good Behavior

Acknowledging good habits is one of the best tips and tricks for improving business because when employees feel noticed and valued, they perform at a more optimum level, thus improving your business. Those who have good driving behavior should be rewarded, and you can use technology to keep track of everything. If you track behavior through online safety scores, you can celebrate that achievement and even offer incentives such as bonuses. This allows everyone to stay on track of keeping their habits up.

Make sure you continue to track everyone’s driving behavior equally and reward everyone in the same way when they make a positive change. This prevents discrepancies, allowing everyone to feel they are being treated fairly and equally. You can use an online tool to track these things so your employees can keep track of the scores themselves. Give productive feedback on how they can raise their scores by being safer while on the road.

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