Use Facebook Places to Connect With People in Real World

Facebook has launched a new feature called Facebook Places. It lets you broadcast your current physical location to your friends and, at the same time, lets you see where your friends are located. Thus, you can easily find if some of your friends are near you, and contact them easily.

For example, if you are in a Cinema hall, you can see if any of your friends’ is also there. And they can also find you via Facebook Places. Thus this feature is really useful to connect with people in real life. Check out the video below to get an overview of Facebook Places,

Visit the Facebook Places FAQ to learn all about it. Some of the things you can do are location status updates, tagging your friends at places, and post comments.

Note – At the time of writing, Facebook Places is available only to US users who have W3 geolocation support. If you are in US and you have a supported phone, then go to or Facebook for iPhone.

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