How To Update Your Windows Phone 7 Device

With continuous testing and user feedback, Microsoft is working hard to improve the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It keeps on releasing updates to make sure that each device using the Windows Phone 7 is up-to-date.

Recently it rolled out a new update, popularly known as the NoDo update which brings the much awaited copy/paste functionality to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices.

This update will be automatically pushed to Windows Phone 7 users, so that the end users can download and install it on their own. If you want to check if your device is ready for the update, and you want to update your Windows Phone 7 device immediately, then here’s the procedure to do it.

To update the Windows Phone 7 device, you must connect your device to your computer via USB, and make sure that its connected while the update is in progress.

To update, go to Start, and flick left on the App list. Press Settings > Phone Update. If your Windows Phone 7 device is connected to desktop, Go to Start. Then Zune > Settings > Phone > Update.

Also note that Windows Phone 7 connector (for Mac) or Zune will backup all the data on your Phone to your computer before update. So make sure that you have enough available space on your computer before starting to update.

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