Tried and Tested Ways to Boost Your Productivity at the Workplace

Optimal productivity is a must whether working from home or in the office. You don’t want to extend your 9-5 to a 9-9 just because you cannot get work done. There are various reasons for reduced productivity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do anything about it.
You can start by tracking the time taken for each task, leveraging technology such as PDF merger to organize your files and documents, and being proactive to maximize your working hours.
Let us look at the tips in detail to understand how we can be our most productive selves at work.

Track Time Taken for Each Task

There are various ways to improve your and your company’s productivity. One such way is to analyze how you spend your time during work hours and which task takes how much time. Sometimes, one can get so burned out at work that a 30-minute task can take 2 hours to complete. You need to track your time to understand these patterns and improve productivity. To do so, you can use time tracking software to determine the time taken to complete a particular task and how many tasks are completed in a day.

Organize Folders and Files in Your Work Computer

Organizing your files and folders is a crucial step in increasing your productivity. Thankfully, you will find numerous software and online tools to help you. Many tools help merge PDFs, convert your files, and store them in cloud storage. This can help make your physical and digital workplace clutter-free.

Use a 90-minute Time Cycle

Taking breaks in between work improves productivity. 90-minute time cycle is a research-backed method that encourages you to take breaks every 90 minutes and increase productivity. Studies have shown you are the most productive when you divide your time into 90-minute sessions with breaks between these sessions. During the 90 minutes, you should concentrate on work, after which you can take a recharge break. It is best to avoid scrolling through your phone during your break. Instead, you can have a coffee and chit-chat with your colleagues to feel fresh and rejuvenated for the next session.

Sort Your Emails

You may think that sorting your emails is a very insignificant thing. But remember the times when you had to go through hundreds of emails just to find that one piece of information?
Therefore, keeping your email account clutter-free and sorting it daily is crucial.
Make it a point to delete unnecessary emails and bookmark the important ones after you are done with work.

Reward Yourself for Task Completion

One of the most effective ways to stay productive is motivating yourself, and what is more motivating than rewarding yourself for your work?
To create a rewarding environment, you need to give yourself incentives. Simple things such as rewarding yourself with a slice of your favorite cake when you are proud of your work can make a huge difference.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Keep your workspace clean but not too clean. Working in a clean environment increases your productivity and motivates you to work. But having an ultra-clean work environment may leave you not wanting to work at all.

To keep your workplace clean, you can begin by removing the clutter and keeping only the things you need that day on your desk.

Also, ensure that your workplace is well-lit and preferably has a lot of daylight. There is a correlation between sunlight and productivity. Studies show that being exposed to sunlight increases your productivity.

Use a calendar to keep track of deadlines and meetings

A calendar can help you work smarter. You can use it to track your deadlines and meetings and stay ahead of your workload. A calendar is like your personal assistant that will never make you miss anything important. You will find various calendar apps online to help you use your time wisely.


Being productive at your workplace can help you climb the ladder of success at a fast-forward pace. Some of the ways to improve your productivity have been mentioned above. Workplace productivity can help you earn that promotion you have been waiting for years. Determine which methods work for you best, and you will notice how your productivity is significantly enhanced.

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