Top Five Useful Programs for Students

It would be cool if you could just download an app that would write outlines, drafts, and papers for you. Unfortunately, for now, you can only ask ‘EssayHub do my homework for me‘ and get an essay written by a real person, but that’s better than nothing, right? However, there are other apps that will be as useful as a writing service.

This article looks at the five best apps for students available right now. Students are spending more and more time online, with varying outcomes. Do you use one of the many free programs for college students, or do you subscribe to something else? This article will help you choose.


Canva is fantastic for any student who wants to create graphics for their papers and presentations. This isn’t specifically a study app for students, but it can be used in their studies.

Canva is a site which has thousands of different graphics and graphics designs in one place. It operates in the same way as stock photo sites. People can make an account, and then find whatever graphic they need. Sites like use Canva for their own needs, so you can be sure that it is legitimate.

Canva is useful for all kinds of things. If you need to make a presentation, or a graph of some kind, look no further. Not only that, you can design your own graphics, and share them with the site.

One hugely useful aspect of Canva is that it allows for collaboration. Say you are part of a group working on a presentation. You need to create a graphic for your work. You could all collaborate offline, and then have one person upload it, and make any tweaks along the way. Or, you can use Canva, and all have a hand in the online work. Canva makes collaboration easy in every single way.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a very useful study app, once you know how to use it. Office Lens is an app which functions as part of the Office suite for Windows.

Office Lens allows you to capture notes from just about anything in the environment –whiteboards, menus, photos. You can do it with Office Lens. What people particularly like about the app is that it reduces or eliminates shadows in what it is recording. This makes them a lot easier to look at.

Your first step is to choose a mode in the app. There are four main modes: photo, document, whiteboard, and business card. Each mode is good for a specific purpose, and the user chooses the one that will work best. Next, you need to take a picture. This is much like taking a normal picture. You should make sure things are lined up, choose whether or not to use the flash, and so on. Finally, review and edit your picture before you save it. You can add captions, trim out what you don’t want, and more.

Office Lens is a huge help to students, because it gives them a quick way to take notes during meetings and lectures.


Soundnote is free student software that focuses on note taking. Everyone who has been a student knows how difficult note taking is during a lecture. Recent research has suggested that it is bad for people to try and take notes as well as listen. Soundnote eliminates that problem completely.

The way the app works is by recording audio. You can take notes while this is happening, but the audio is the main point of Soundnote. Recording in the app is very simple – you just set it up, make sure that the microphone is uncovered, and press play. What sets Soundnote apart from other apps is that you can draw in the app as well as write and record. These drawings can be manipulated easily through the app – you just need to tap on them to make edits.

Listening to all your lectures couldn’t be easier. You just need to press play. Even better, you can skip around very easily – you just need to press a word in your notes, and the audio will skip to that point. The audio is saved in MP4 recordings – these are very small, so won’t take up a lot of room. You can share recordings easily through email.


Zotero – your personal research assistant! Unlike other studying apps in this article, Zotero doesn’t help you with note taking. It focuses on research. Everybody knows that research can be a pain. There’s a lot to remember, to keep straight, and to record. Zotero helps you to keep everything documented. It takes every quote, citation, and page number, and keeps it all recorded.

While Zotero can’t make bibliographies on its own (you can get a similar app from the same company for that), it can do almost anything else. This app helps you collect research, organise it, and cite it. Zotero also works across multiple devices, meaning that you can collect research with one device, and have it appear on others. Zotero also allows you to collaborate with others, which makes it very useful. If you need to talk to someone about your research, just hare it through the app. You can share an entire library of research quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter if you are co-writing work with a friend, or asking a teacher for help. Zotero can help you.

Zotero makes it clear that it has no interest in your personal information. You can use it without fear.


Is StudyBlue some of the best software for college students out there? Quite possibly.

StudyBlue lets its users make flashcards. It doesn’t matter what subject or how big it is, you can use StudyBlue to help. StudyBlue doesn’t just let you make and use your own flashcards; it lets you see ones made by other people. It works the other way as well – other people can see and use your flashcards too.

StudyBlue means that you can take your studying on the road with you, if you need to. You can take out your flashcards anywhere, and start testing yourself. It also means that you can look for new flashcards at any point. If you are riding on the bus, you can easily look for new study material. It can really speed up your revision process.

StudyBlue works by having you log in, and then search for the subjects you need. At this point, you can either use somebody else’s cards, or create your own. Whichever you do, they are always available to you, and will remember where you stopped studying. You can pick up where you left off, no matter what.

Use the Programs that Work for You

There are now so many free programs for students available. It can be hard to know which one to choose. This article looks at five programs that are useful in their own ways. Free software for college students is always good. It often means that they are using acceptable software.

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