Tiktok Platform for Eccentric Advertisement

TikTok is a giant in social media with about with more than 2.5 million downloads. Users can create, share, watch and download fifteen-second span video captured on mobile or camera. With a customized feed of eccentric short videos with amazing sound effects and background music, these videos could be charmingly intoxicating. This app can produce premium-quality podcasts with a high level of viewer engagement. You can add a filter, emojis, and background track to make the video more appealing and join up content in split-screen videos, even if the origin of events is different. There are many authentic service providers from whom you can buy more TikTok views for your videos at a very economical rate.

1 billion daily users

The app was created by a Chinese tech company named ByteDance in 2016. In 2022 there were about one billion daily users on this social media platform. Due to political conflict, many countries proscribed the app, and despite the imposed restrictions, the app continues to flourish in popularity. In this social media app, the length of a video can range from fifteen seconds to a minute. Primarily the app was used for entertainment and jesting, but the trend changed in recent days. More videos are coming up with different content, such as cuisine, fitness, finance, and fashion.

3 billion downloads by 2023

The informative videos, along with advice from professionals, help the users to make informed decisions about buying a product or life theme. Steadily the platform is emerging as a digital pedestal to advertise and sell products and services. The current format of the app was introduced in 2018, and in a very short time, it joined the league of apex social media apps. A marketing research company 2022 forecasted there will be more than three billion downloads from TikTok worldwide, and around $3 billion will be used up in iOs and Google Play at the end of 2023.

With a lighter note

The enormous growth of the app started in late 2017 when the parent company acquired a rival company Musical.ly and shifted its two hundred million users to its own periphery. The marketing efforts in TikTok are gearing up; some marketing agencies are enthusiastic about promoting certain brands in a quirky fashion. The advertisement does not adhere to the conventional style that emphasizes product quality but with a lighter note to humor the customers. The objective is to make the video go viral attracting more engagements and likes. It is one of the most popular social media apps across the world, accessible in more than one hundred fifty markets in more than thirty-five languages.

The controversy

Like other social media, TikTok is not free from controversy. It is prohibited in Bangladesh, and temporarily proscribed in Indonesia, for propagating pornography, blasphemy and other improper content. But the company promised to remove the objectionable content the ban was lifted after a week. TikTok set up an office in the nation to monitor and clean published content. There is an underlying fear the data collected by the app is traverse to the Chinese government. To clear this apprehension, a new entity named TikTok Global is supposed to be launched with US partners Walmart and Oracle with a 10% stake each.

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