Things You Can Buy With Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have come a long since the initial launch of Bitcoin in 2009. They have become well known and quite a lot of people considered to buy bitcoin with paybis or ethereum, and some people already have some investments. However, it’s no secret that the intent behind this launch was to use cryptocurrencies as a medium for everyday transactions. This meant one could buy anything from a cup of coffee to even a car using cryptocurrencies.

However, as you already know, this was not the case as cryptocurrencies became an easy mode of transaction for criminals. But things have changed since then, and there are many things you can buy using cryptocurrencies without being a criminal. Therefore, let’s check out some of those amazing things.

Technology And Ecommerce

Thanks to the growing prevalence of cryptocurrencies, many tech companies are now accepting cryptocurrencies. Companies such as Microsoft, Newegg, and AT&T. Microsoft is currently accepting Bitcoins at their online store, and Overstock is selling its merchandise in exchange for Bitcoins.

Other than that, other small and large businesses, such as the eCommerce giant from Japan named Rakuten, are also accepting cryptocurrencies. eBay also started accepting cryptocurrencies after the prices of Bitcoins soared in 2017. eBay’s former subsidiary PayPal also allows its customers to sell, buy, and hold cryptocurrencies in their accounts.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have long been one of the most convenient ways of making someone’s day even more special. Unlike conventional gifts, with gift cards, the recipient has the choice to spend it the way they deem fit.

That’s the reason why giants like Walmart have made their gift cards accessible from trusted platforms like Coingate. Here, one can use cryptocurrencies to make gift card purchases in a hassle free manner. The overall process of buying gift cards from this platform is highly safe, and you are not needed to pay any additional charges for the purchase.

Food Items

Everybody needs to buy food unless they are farming everything in their backyard. Cryptocurrencies have not yet gained much prevalence in this sector, but things are looking good with Subway and KFC offering limited-time offers where one could buy their food items using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

While this was a short-lived offer, things are very likely to change in the near future. Many pizza joints are opening up to accepting cryptocurrencies in exchange for their pizzas. For instance, Helen’s Pizza in New Jersey, enables customers to use cryptocurrencies to buy their products.


The time is finally here where you could actually buy a car using your cryptocurrencies. This means no more hassle of bank loans or other complex formalities associated with buying cars using fiat currencies. News has surfaced recently that every Subaru dealer from Oklahoma will now start accepting cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin for cars.

One might fail to realise it, but this is a very big step as it will encourage other car dealers to follow suit as well. While this is yet to gain more prevalence among car dealers, things are looking good for the future.

Jewellery And Other Luxurious Products

Many manufacturers and retailers of high-end luxurious goods are also hopping on board with cryptocurrencies. One of the most prominent retailers of luxurious watches is accepting Bitcoin in exchange for watches from high-end brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, as well as other luxury brands.

Manufacturers are going a step forward with innovation and cryptocurrencies as luxury watch manufacturers Franck Muller recently produced a watch with a QR code the genesis block of Bitcoin. The number of jewellery stores accepting cryptocurrencies is also rising as retailers are now looking for a reliable medium of exchange.

Hotel Bookings And Airplane Tickets

Travelling is always a hassle with fiat currencies in your pockets. While conventional digital currencies have solved the issue of logistics to a certain extent, one still has to deal with the hassle of exchanging when travelling internationally. This is probably why many prominent travel booking websites such as and are now accepting Bitcoins for hotel bookings and aeroplane tickets.

Further, Expedia has also started accepting Bitcoin for hotel bookings. This certainly contributes greatly towards making travel much simpler for everyone, and hopefully, things will change for good very soon.

Real Estate

It may come as a surprise to many, but you could actually buy real estate using cryptocurrencies. However, there is a catch. While you as a buyer might be willing to spend your cryptocurrencies on real estate, you also have to make sure the seller and real estate agent are comfortable with the transaction.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your real estate agent or the company managing the purchase is competent enough to handle your cryptocurrencies effectively. As long as you can take care of this, you can buy the real estate of your choice using cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

Times are changing, and so is the world of finance. Hence while you might be completely comfortable treating your cryptocurrencies as an investment, it is worth knowing there are other ways you could derive value from your cryptocurrencies. Therefore, be wise and spend your cryptocurrencies whichever way you deem fit.

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