The Pros and Cons of Low Volatility Slots

Experienced punters know all about it and debate it regularly online or with fellow reel spinners, while beginners just nod, puzzled by what that even means. I’m, of course, talking about slots’ volatility. It’s a notion that you may have heard about related to other fields like trading, but most people don’t really know what it really is.

Don’t worry; today, I’ll tell you more about volatility and, more specifically, low volatility games. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to find the best low-volatility software with professional guides. Without further ado, let’s explore the concept of low volatility.

Establishing The Difference Volatility Can Make

Volatility in pokies affects how often and how much you win. It’s about the risk and reward of the game.

• High Volatility: Fewer wins but bigger payouts. It’s for people who like to take risks and wait for big wins. Your bankroll needs to handle dry spells.

• Low Volatility: More frequent wins but smaller payouts. It’s for those who prefer steady, smaller wins. It’s less risky and suitable for more extended play.

• Medium Volatility: A balance between the two. It offers moderate wins at a moderate frequency.

Why do I think that it matters? Knowing the volatility helps you pick the right game for your style and budget—high volatility for thrill-seekers, low for steady punters, and medium for a mix.
In short, volatility shapes your new slot experience. Using insights from and managing your play is key to choosing the right game and new slots with low volatility.

Pros of Low Volatility

1. More Frequent Wins

With low volatility, you can expect winning turns more frequently. This means that you won’t have to play long until you witness the software’s animations. I believe this makes low-volatility software the right choice for seeing the best animations developers have created to amuse you.

2. Fewer Risks

More frequent wins mean smaller payouts, but it also implies lower risks. One has more chances to get at least part of their wager back, and with such small amounts, the experience is leaning in your favour enough to let you manage your bankroll more easily. As a beginner, I think it can help you learn how to manage said bankroll and get better. It can be interesting if you intend to wager using a crypto wallet.

3. Longer Sessions

Playing a low-volatility title can offer longer playtime, since you’ll have fewer risks of going bust and more frequent payouts. You’ll have more time to adjust yourself to the mechanics and experience every feature without feeling limited by your budget.

4. A More Relaxed Experience

To some, higher risks and bigger potential payout and losses represent the peak of entertainment. To others, it’s an unwelcome pressure they want to avoid. If you belong to the latter category, like me, then selecting a low-volatility game is better in every way.

Cons of Low Volatility

1. Smaller Payouts

Getting those satisfying win animations more regularly comes at a price. You’ll get less money from these wins compared to high-volatility machines. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get lucky and hit the jackpot because the RNG makes results random, and anything is possible. However, I know that the probability of reaping the most significant rewards becomes less likely.

2. Less Thrill

The first wins will trigger some excitement, it always does for me, but not getting higher rewards can prove less thrilling to some players after a while. As highlighted in the pros, you’ll get a more relaxed experience, but this comes at the cost of having more excitement, and depending on your play style, it can be a deterring factor.

3. Slow Bankroll Build-Up

Since the payouts are small, it will take more time to get a bigger bankroll. I think it then boils down to your personal preferences. Are you a hot-head, willing to go all in for an instant jackpot, or do you like to take your time to build things up?

4. Repetitive

Reliving the same scenario over and over can feel repetitive (unless you’re Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow). Low volatility can make you feel like you’re repeating the same actions. Some people, such as I, will enjoy it, especially if you think about it in terms of slowly building your bankroll.

Great Start For Beginners; Unfit For High Rollers

Low-volatility machines prove to be awesome for beginners. They’ll get to learn the ropes both in terms of gameplay and bankroll management. However, high-rollers who enjoy higher stakes won’t get the sensations they’re looking for.

Still, I believe that volatility isn’t the only determining factor in choosing your next experience. You should also account for the return to player percentage (RTP) and the unique features that will enhance said experience.

Regardless, anyone can enjoy both low and high-volatility software, and you won’t need the ultimate gaming phones on the market today to play. So, pick the right software for you, and don’t hesitate to test several in demo mode, like me, before going into real money mode.

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