The Mystery of Artifact: AI Knows What News You Want to Read

The Artifact app has been made available for download by everyone. The statement was made via the company’s official Medium article, which verified that users no longer need to sign up for the waitlist. The software is available for free download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. After reading at least ten articles on the application, the team added valuable insights to the app, where you can check your top categories, publications, and themes.

Five years after their exit from Facebook (now Meta), Instagram co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are back with a new program called Artifact. It is a personalized news application with the goal of providing users with the information they are likely to be interested in. It utilizes machine learning to understand user behaviour and make personalized news recommendations. This AI-powered news application knows whether you want to read about casino cashback or the latest photography trends.

The Relationship Between AI & Social Media

In reality, social media would not exist without AI. Technology is used in many different elements of social networks. For example, if you use Twitter, you’ll find that you get recommended tweets and accounts to follow. AI analyzes your activity on the site to locate the material you would enjoy, similar to how product suggestions work on Amazon. This enables them to increase user engagement and experience by having users spend more time on the site.

Several social media networks also employ AI to detect abuse in comment areas and messaging. For example, Facebook employs a deep-text AI technique to detect instances of abuse. According to Facebook, the ultimate objective of this technology is to create a system with the same degree of intellect as a person.

But AI is being used by more than just social media sites. This technology is also being used by social media users. AI influencers are now a thing. You read that right: a nonhuman AI-powered influencer. Nothing will frighten you more than that.

We already know that nearly all of the main social media sites employ artificial intelligence (AI) to produce material that users are more likely to engage with. This allows them to keep viewers on the platform for longer periods of time, resulting in more engagement. Systrom and Krieger want to accomplish something similar with their new application.

How to Set Up Artifact App?

It was rather simple to install the Artifact app on an Android phone. All I had to do was search for it on Google Play and click install. However, please keep in mind that the app is still marked as “early access” in the Google Play Store.

The application setup was as simple as it gets. When I completed the sign-up procedure, the program prompted me to choose ten areas from which to provide tailored news. However, after looking at some of the sections in the app, it is clear that the app is designed to target the Western market for now.

Artifact offers a straightforward user experience when it comes to the program itself. There is a main page with handpicked articles from various sources and genres and a specific menu for multiple categories. There is also a headlines option, which provides selected global news. This application initially appeared to be just another news curation tool.

How AI-Powered Artifact Works?

Artifact is now in private beta in the United States, and people may sign up to be included in the queue. Once they are accepted as beta testers, they will be sent a unique invite URL. The good thing is that the software is already available for Android and iOS smartphones.

When you initially activate the application, it displays a selected collection of popular articles from top media outlets as well as specialized blogs. Once you start reading, the app’s AI starts to recognize what information you choose in order to give you more customized content for the future.

The method is similar to TikTok in that you begin by exploring the home feed, and the app ultimately begins to display movies that match your particular preferences. This program also has a social component, which differentiates it from other news-reading applications.

It will allow users to follow other users and read their content. By sharing the content, each user can leave a comment. The option to send DMs allows you to conduct private conversations with other users regarding shared content.

Download the Application and Keep up with the Time!

Artifact uses artificial intelligence to offer better news depending on user behaviour. The program suggests that users read at least 25 items in two weeks under the settings menu, and based on this data, the app will provide a personalized feed.

The program described in the post seems to be an extremely easy news aggregator platform that also allows users to add multiple newspaper subscriptions, from which the app would prioritize content. However, this application is capable of delivering personalized news and will improve with time.

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