The Key Advantages of Using a US Proxy Server

While surfing the internet is as simple as typing a query and getting it answered, much science goes into what happens behind the scenes.

You may assume you’re the only one landing a particular site, but hackers might keep track of your web activity.

This explains why Americans are concerned about online privacy and seek ways to protect it from the government and companies.

Using a reliable US proxy can save your day if you’re in the same boat. It boosts your online security and allows for safer internet use.

What Is a Proxy Server and How Does It Work?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the user and the internet, separating you from the web you explore. Proxy servers offer various features and numerous privacy and security levels depending on your needs or use case.

Typically, your request is directly sent to the server. However, when you generate a request using a proxy, the internet traffic flows to the proxy server before reaching the intended address. Then, the server forwards you the data collected from the website.

A modern and quality US proxy takes functionality to the next level by acting as a web filter and a firewall. It also caches data to boost the speed of requests.

Why Is It Challenging to Access Geo-Blocked Content?

We’re accustomed to accessing data on the go. Once we generate a request, we expect the web to respond immediately. However, a few websites keep us from accessing content.

They implement geo-restriction technology that blocks us from landing the page. Consequently, it becomes challenging to retrieve data or simply visit the website.

Companies and streaming sites may have “reasons” to restrict access. For instance, they may impose geo-blocking to meet their licensing terms. A few also use this technique to display content only to the target market.

For instance, if a particular show is more likely to be streamed in the US, the streaming site would restrict its access in Japan. This keeps them from buying licenses for the countries which would unlikely view the content.

So, regardless of how annoying it may be, Geo-blocking is legal, and many websites are free to implement it. However, the European Commission is taking steps to track unjustified geo-restrictions and has asked citizens for relevant feedback.

Benefits of Using a Quality US Proxy

Your privacy matters whether you run a large corporation or are a regular internet user surfing the web from the comfort of your home. Here are a few key advantages of using a quality US proxy.

Better Speed

A reliable proxy server boosts the speed and performance of the internet. It can cache websites and send saved copies, making browsing more efficient.

So, if 10 employees in your office visit a particular site at a given time, the proxy will only send one request to the website. Ultimately, this saves your organization’s bandwidth and increases the internet speed.

Enhanced Privacy

It goes without saying that everybody wants to keep their browsing private. Fortunately, proxy servers help you achieve that. They alter your IP address and other relevant information that your request contains.

This keeps the destination server from identifying the person behind the actual request. For instance, if you’re browsing from the UK, you can switch to a US proxy and trick the web into believing you’re browsing from the US.

This keeps your browsing and online data private.

Content Restriction

Maybe you’re a parent who wants to restrict their child’s online activity or an employer who desires to control employees’ internet usage. A proxy server enables you to monitor and restrict the use of your kids and employees.

As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child to access violent, harmful, or unethical content, and as an employee, you wouldn’t appreciate your employees streaming Netflix during work hours.
A proxy allows you to control the web activity and keep it in check.

Improved Security

Any person with malicious intent can access your online data. So apart from privacy, proxy servers provide security benefits. You can encrypt your web requests and keep hackers from viewing your transactions.

You can also keep malware websites from accessing your private information using a proxy server.

Access to Geo-Restricted Content

A quality proxy server resolves one of the major issues for netizens: accessing geo-restricted sites.

Whether you want to watch the newly released film or stream live sports, proxy servers help you complete the desired action.

For instance, if you cannot stream a particular website because it’s only available in the Netherlands, you can switch your location while living in the US through proxy. The website would see the traffic coming from the Netherlands and display the content.


Investing in a reliable US proxy helps boost online privacy and keeps your web activity anonymous. The key, however, is to go for a reliable proxy server that encrypts your data and free proxies are generally not an option worth considering.

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