The Expat’s Dream: Luxury Apartments for Sale in Jumeirah Beach Residence

The Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is one of the gems of the Dubai Marina, offering stunning beachfront properties, over forty towers, and an impressive community set-up. It is no longer news that the JBR is one of Dubai’s most popular freehold areas. You are set for a convenient lifestyle if you can own a property in this area. The most famous buildings in JBR, in order of their popularity, are:

1. Sadaf
2. Rimal
3. Murjan
4. Bahar and
5. Shams

Transportation, Health and Religious Compatibility of the JBR

Mobility is not a challenge in the JBR because the area is served by two Metro stations, a Tram Station and sidewalks. Home managers can shop at Zoom, Al Maya or All Day JBR Supermarkets. Religious-wise, there are two massive mosques, a massive Church, and various Shiva, Hundu and Shrinathji Temples in and around the JBR (or at least, reasonably close by). Additionally, at least three clinics around the JBR are within 15 minutes drive. At the same time, there is also the Aster Pharmacy and a handful of others. Finally, schools and parks are available for families and kids in the JBR, making the area more appealing to family folks.

Projected returns on investments in the Jumeirah Beach Residence

Before you buy a flat in Jumeirah Beach Residence, kindly find below a breakdown of the cost of renting/ buying property in the area. You can take this as a guide to plan your finance. More so, many people are curious about the earning margin of these properties, so a review will also be made of the estimated projected ROI for the various property size so that you can know what to expect.

Property TypeAverage Rental Per AnnumAverage Price PurchaseAverage ROI
Studio Apartments50 000 AED835 000 AED6% Per Annum
70 000 AED1 380 000 AED4% Per Annum
Two Bedroom Apartment90 000 AED2 100 000 AED4.1% Per Annum
Three Bedroom Apartment119 000 AED2 900 000 AED4.2% Per Annum
Four Bedroom Apartment182 000 AED5 850 000 AED3% Per Annum
Five Bedroom Apartment223 000 AED12 920 000 AED2%

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A brief discussion for Lovers of Luxury

Dear Lovely Luxury lovers, the world will make it seem like you are doing too much, but there is no crime in having a high taste. You have worked hard for your money, and you should not be timid in expressing your wants, demands, and expectations, and if luxury real estate is your desire, then do not let anyone dissuade you. In the luxury world, there are three major categories of luxury apartments, and you can choose any property within the circle, provided it suits your desires and demand.

a. the elaborate and lavish category
b. The Medium category
c. The conversation category.
d. The elaborate and lavish category

The elaborate and lavish category of luxury living comprises trophy-like real estate homes that are not only overpriced but marketed as a trophy. For these categories of apartments, it is not the features and facilities that make them awesome (because the property is outrageously more expensive than the facilities, although the facilities are often one of a kind); it is the name, the prestige and the marketing that make them so awesome in the eyes of purchasers. They are that category of property that only the extremely rich can afford, and even they buy such for bragging rights and may not sleep in the apartment for an aggregate of a month in the whole lifespan of their ownership. These properties often range into hundreds of millions of dollars and AED. For the buyers in this category, the ability to afford such a millionaire mansion is enough bragging rights. The most popular features of these properties are swimming pools, isolated island packages, wide and well-designed courtyards, entrance gates, tight security and unique views from the area. For a preview of the best luxury apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residence, Click to read more on the official website

The Middle and Medium luxury users

Middle and medium-luxury users find a combination of luxury and usability. This is especially useful when you intend to live long-term on such properties – it considers your tastes, such as pools, digital enhancements, proximity to certain locations, etc. People who love this category choose it as a mixture of affluence and personal taste. For some, it includes a mini-museum; for others, it is a nursery or garden. Finding these specific apartments may be challenging, so some people buy and then adapt the compound areas however they want. They are not necessarily trophy apartments but are also priced highly.

The Quiet and low-toned luxury-lovers

The final class/ categories are the quiet and low-toned luxury apartments. As simple as they sound, they still cost many million AEDs – sometimes, the simplest properties are the most expensive. They are purposely made simple to suit the taste of calm atmospheric lovers. They could be large mansion-like properties or smaller apartments, and they can be found all around Dubai today in 2023.

One Thought to Reflect On, Amazing Spots in the JBR

The JBR is one of Dubai’s best beachfront communities regarding completeness. All categories of people and families will find rest and ease in this part of Dubai. That is because all amenities crucial for a comfortable life are in the area, from the Aqua Fun Park, the Ain Dubai Wheel, the Caesars Palace, etc. It is one place you will have spots and places to go to/ tour in Dubai, and from the figures above, it is also lucrative and a clear coast.

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