Thanksgiving Promotions: 3 Ways to Create a Successful Campaign

As 2022 draws to a close, the holidays will soon be here. Regardless of where you live or the type of business you own, the holidays are always a hectic time for both customers and merchants. Are you prepared for the start of the Christmas season? Have you already developed original and entertaining holiday marketing plans to increase lead conversion? If not, begin making plans for your Christmas campaign right away!

Thanksgiving is one of the most revered national festivals of the year. It’s a day for socializing, delicious food and expressing gratitude. Therefore, you must ensure that your Thanksgiving promotions and other marketing initiatives or campaigns are consistent with these themes.

Why is this season so important?

One of the busiest times of year for merchants is indeed Thanksgiving. According to the Robin Report, because of excellent Thanksgiving advertising concepts and Americans’ desire to spend the holiday with their family, retail spending increased by about 30% in 2021 on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday.

The Thanksgiving season in 2021 saw consumer spending of $5.17 billion and an additional $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday. The greatest Thanksgiving social media posts are fueled by data, which enables merchants to pursue their marketing objectives in a genuine and relatable manner.

To assist you to get ready for the 2022 holiday season, it is time to evaluate some of the finest Thanksgiving marketing initiatives.

Ideas to create a successful marketing campaign

1. Launch an early Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sale event

The Christmas season is chaotic and stressful, as was already said. November is a busy month for your clients, and they’ll probably be inundated with communications from competing businesses. Similar principles apply to B2B services and goods.

Launching a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale event early will assist customers to finish all of their shopping early and provide a variety of discounts. You could provide:

• Short-Term Deals
• Daily Offers
• Unknown Offers
• Subscriber-Only Offers

Make it simpler for your customers to decide what to buy. Consider what your rivals may be offering and try to determine how you can differentiate your offers from theirs.

2. Run a donation campaign to a local charity

It’s a wonderful time to contribute since it’s the season of giving thanks. Another form of Thanksgiving marketing concept that might assist you in developing client connections is a contribution or fundraiser campaign. People are reminded that your company has similar ideas to theirs and that it feels real.

If you work in the eCommerce sector, you may donate money to charities that feed and house low-income families. If you run a physical location, you can collaborate with charitable foundations, volunteer groups, or food drives that serve your neighborhood.

• Donate a portion of your store’s earnings to a charity.
• Sell the organization’s products and offer them a 100% profit.
• Create Online Giving Days and ask consumers to give during certain times.
• Set up a system where clients may give and receive rewards in the form of cash or points.

3. Setup seasonal keywords

When customers interact with your bot, keywords help advance the discussion. They aid your bot’s comprehension of inquiries that depart from the established flow.

Consider the questions that your bot will most likely be asked throughout the holiday season:

• What are the times for shipping?
• How can I send my order back?
• What are your most recent offers?
• How can I use a promotional code?

The Best Thanksgiving Campaigns We’ve Ever Seen

1. Coca-Cola

What connection does Coca-Cola have to Thanksgiving? Thanks to the company’s clever Happy Thanksgiving social media postings on Pinterest, which cleverly transform the company’s product line into one of the greatest Thanksgiving campaigns we’ve seen, more than one may imagine. Have you ever imagined a Coke bottle decked up like a turkey?

• Amazingly inventive, the business managed to stay relevant at a time of year when most people wouldn’t.
• Great design sense will undoubtedly make everyone who sees it envious of it on Pinterest.
• Its posts serve as a wonderful illustration of how to engage clients on social media.

2. Old Navy

Old Navy created one of the finest Thanksgiving advertising efforts by coming up with a fun way to give back over the holiday. The firm gave the chance to win a $1 million reward to the first 500 customers in line at its locations, which was the ideal way to get folks in the spirit for Thanksgiving!

• A significant present for consumers was a wonderful method for the business to express its gratitude.
• Old Navy generated a sense of excitement and expectation by having people queue up outside of its stores, which was likely to keep customers talking about its campaign long after it had ended.

3. Samsung

The “Unwrap the Feels” video by Samsung captures the excitement of getting a present over the holidays well. The company produced the film to honor the debut of its family-friendly VR gear. The advertisement succeeds in being one of the finest Thanksgiving advertisements by conveying both a familial environment and the nostalgic sensation of spending the holidays together.
The commercial is unexpectedly moving and sweet, which serves as a wonderful reminder to customers that they’re not the only ones who enjoy the holidays.


The more value you can provide to your clients and consumers, and the more frequently you connect with them on their terms, the more probable it is that they will support your company and make purchases from you.

Keep in mind that the spirit of Thanksgiving is one of giving and caring for your customers. Meet them halfway, be funny and empathetic, and assist in resolving their problems so they may unwind this holiday season.

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