Ten helpful resources for homework help

Are you looking for homework assistance beyond the classroom? There are many ways to augment your studies digitally, including useful websites and free mobile apps.

Here are some of our top homework help sources. You can find an app to help with those difficult questions, or a lecture series that will increase your knowledge because nowadays internet is initial part of home assignments especially when you say “What if somebody could do my homework?”. At least, internet resources will save you time. These resources are all free and accessible, as well as engaging and simple to use. For the little scholar in your family, we have included kid-specific resources.

Open Culture

Open Culture is an educational media website that offers free audiobooks, ebooks and language lessons. It also has lecture videos, textbooks, textbooks, and many other resources. Open Culture offers resources for students at all levels, including college and K-12. Open Culture offers 1,250 online courses for free from top universities such as Stanford, Yale and Berkeley. You can take courses in almost any subject, and you can download lectures to your smartphone or computer for replay. Open Culture is an excellent place to start if you are looking for additional material or to dig deeper into a topic.


Apple’s Podcasts app is a great source of free, accessible information on a variety of topics from popular history to quantum theories. Google Play is just as useful for Android users. The obvious leader in educational podcasts is Stuff You Need to Know, which often ranks at the top of iTunes charts. Chuck and Josh will be sharing information about everything from house cats to constitutional law.


Wikipedia is not recommended as a primary source for your next academic paper. However, Wikipedia’s free online encyclopedia should not be ignored. Wikipedia was launched in English in 2001. It has since been edited and moderated by users in many languages. Wikipedia now has more than 40 million articles in over 250 languages. Wikipedia is a trusted starting point for all research projects and can be used to quickly find facts about history, philosophy, and science.


Duolingo is a great way to improve your communication skills if your language class is not working. This app allows you to learn a language through speaking it. Duolingo gives points for successfully completed lessons, and makes every obstacle a game. You can read, listen, and speak. You can practice your vocabulary loudly and chat with a Duolingo bot to improve your pronunciation.


Socratic can be used as a tutor or research assistant. Socratic allows you to capture difficult homework questions using your camera. Based on the subject, Socratic populates answers and aides. Socratic will guide you step-by-step through the solution if you are interested in math. Socratic can also help you find definitions and web links for psychology from Quora and other sources such as Answers.com. Google, Dictionary.com, Google and Reference.com.

Open Yale Courses

Open Yale courses allow you to be in the classroom tuition-free. Yale professors offer a variety of audio and video courses that introduce students to topics such as English Lit, Physics and Engineering. This is the right place if you are preparing for your first semester in college or need help understanding a new concept at a freshman level.

How Stuff Works

This site features articles about just about anything. You will find everything from bizarre pieces such as “What if humans had evolved into birds?” to more practical educational topics. To more practical and educational topics about supersymmetry? The Higgs boson. No matter what topic you choose, How Stuff Works will provide entertaining and informative articles that are well-written.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids encourages younger students to explore the world outside of school. This website is for children who are passionate about animals, social studies, and the environment. Register, play educational games, and earn badges. For a school project, presentation or research, you can get specialized information about animals from different locations and families.


Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com are two sister sites that allow you to keep synonyms and definitions close at hand. You can quickly open the app or web site whenever you come across an unfamiliar term. Dictionary.com offers additional features such as audio clips that can be used to help you pronounce words, the word origin, and the word of today. Create a powerful vocabulary and showcase it in papers and presentations.


YouTube offers free videos from many major networks, including PBS, National Geographic and The New York Times. You can find documentaries, interviews and educational programs as well as historical series. YouTube is a great resource for homework help. However, it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that YouTube can be a wonderful tool. While researching the Versailles Treaty, you don’t want your attention to wander off.
YouTube Kids is a great way to make YouTube fun for your children. You can also experiment with parental controls.

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