Slideshows for Content Marketing: 5 Reasons to Use

Human eyes are the main source of information for us. Hence, the popularity and effectiveness of visual aids for presenting something. Images help fully conceptualize abstract data, and simply draw attention better than plain text or speech would.

And the most widespread form of visual aid is a slideshow. This method of conveying information is useful not only for office meetings and public presentations but also for your marketing strategies in social media. If you find this statement questionable, then let’s go over 5 reasons to implement slideshows in your marketing.

Number 1. Creating a Slideshow Takes Little Time

Modern software allows you to streamline the production of nearly any type of content, slideshows are not an exception. If you have all the information you want to present ready, then all you need is an automatic slideshow maker with templates and tools that fit what you want to say. SmartSHOW 3D has neat features that will let you make slideshows automatically. Adobe Express is a versatile all-round slideshow editor. And mobile Slideshow Maker will let you work on the go. And these are just three out of the many apps available.

Number 2. Slideshows Retain Individuality

Web design tools provide a lot of room for creativity, but they come in a package with a set of certain rules and restrictions that most web pages have to comply with. Even more so, when social media is concerned. But, as a series of images and media, rather than code, a well-designed presentation exists somewhat outside those restrictions and keeps its look the same across all platforms. Which allows it to preserve and present the style of your brand with no loss.

Number 3. Media Enhances Comprehension

To achieve the maximum resonance with your audience, your marketing must resonate with people expectedly. The more ways there are to interpret something, the higher the chance that your message will miss the audience. Visual aid provides context, a common ground for all who see your marketing materials, therefore increasing your chances of reaching your crowd. And, besides, a slideshow or a presentation is a great way to convey and comprehend information, since it addresses eyes, ears, and brains alike, which leads us to our next point.

Number 4. Visual Media Can Tell You More

Some things are extremely difficult to put into words or digits or graphs. Style, atmosphere, mood, the vibe – describing those things and making sure people will get them as you want them to, might take a lot of time and effort. Or it may take a handful of expressive images and audio tracks. The inclusion of all types of media into a slideshow allows you to express and describe much more of the interesting aspects of your products than a regular page or post would.

Number 5. Slideshow Helps Conversion

Marketing is what attracts people. Or, in terms of internet marketing, to convert views to clicks. And practice shows time and time again that catchy visuals result in higher conversion rates. Furthermore, slideshows can be published almost anywhere, which allows you to dramatically increase audience reach.

Tips for Making a Good Slideshow

In case you have decided to give this marketing tool a shot, here are some tips to make it better:

Make it catchy.
Your presentation must look crisp and clear, so make sure it conveys everything you need with as little noise as possible. Once you have achieved that, you can stylize it following visual trends.

Keep SEO in mind.
Catering to search engines is always beneficial to your marketing, as long as you don’t overdo it. So make sure to pepper some relevant keywords and links over your presentation. Keywords research also helps you analyze the potential competition.

Call people to action.
A little inspiration to click your link might seem insignificant to you, but it can have a huge impact when it comes to big numbers of readers. Make your presentation a well-placed call to action.

The Bottom Line

On the one hand, a slideshow is a type of content that will not tax your budget and is quite simple to produce. On the other hand, it is great for delivering information and engaging with the audience. This alone should be enough to try using slideshows as a part of your marketing strategy. But there are plenty of other worthy reasons to give it a go.

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