ServiceNow Consulting: The Importance Of The Essentials

ServiceNow, as a comprehensive IT solution and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), can deliver a customized service that fits the user’s needs perfectly. Their flexibility in delivering the best IT solution practice possible for each company is one of the best traits people look for when hiring them.

Although the usage is pretty simple and the AI-powered module of ServiceNow is made for any worker, there are still some essential things to do to maximize the implementation of ServiceNow. It will allow the ServiceNow module to deliver the exact business objective you need and avoid any unnecessary hindrance that could happen.

The ServiceNow essentials are derived from the New Value Methodology of ServiceNow to guide and enable the user to achieve the maximum value of the ServiceNow module they use.

The ServiceNow Essentials

Here are the ServiceNow essentials to be implemented to maximize the use of ServiceNow in your company. These essentials are divided into three values to ensure the objective case of ServiceNow is accurate.

Value One: Envision

1. Determine Your Business Goals

Blindly implementing ServiceNow into your business won’t do anything other than hinder your workflow. The lack of business goals will give a headache to the decision-makers (both in person and in AI) to achieve anything close to the company’s objective.

To enable the maximum value from ServiceNow modules, first, establish the business goals of your company by answering these four simple questions:

• Vision – What is the state of the company you want to achieve after implementing ServiceNow into your business process?
• Strategic Drivers – What actions are needed for your company to achieve this vision?
• Desired Business Outcomes – What business outcome do you want after implementing ServiceNow modules?
• Essential Measurements – What can you measure to analyze the success of the implementation?

These are important to enable you to validate the success rate, revamp your ServiceNow usage, and ensure you get the maximum value out of it.

2. Choose Your ServiceNow Sponsor

What is a ServiceNow Sponsor? It’s a company that partners up and is affiliated with ServiceNow to provide guidance and remove the hindrance in implementing ServiceNow into your company. Oftentimes, they’re also called the ServiceNow Consulting company.

One of the best examples of CTG, which delivers a ServiceNow Consulting service that enables organizations to navigate the complexities involved in implementing, configuring, managing, and optimizing the ServiceNow platform for maximum value realization.

Choosing the right one is essential to ensuring the maximum value of your ServiceNow usage.

Value Two: Create

3. Get Close To Your ServiceNow Sponsor

Most of the time, it is not easy to constantly engage with your ServiceNow Consulting company or sponsor because of the tight schedule and the amount of service they provide. However, it’s your responsibility towards your company to always keep them in close contact and let them know about the progress of your ServiceNow module.

Most of the time, the success rate of your ServiceNow implementation is not about how deeply the ServiceNow Consulting company is involved in your business. Instead, it’s more about the constant updates and measurements they can do to your ServiceNow modules.

4. Plan Your Approach

You can commonly use two approaches to implement ServiceNow into your business: the phased and all-in approach. Most companies would love to make the all-in approach to ensure the implementation of ServiceNow can be used and take immediate effect.

However, the complexity of the implementation can increase and create more issues to solve. Thus, most companies are suggested by their ServiceNow Consulting sponsor to take the phased approach to ensure a thorough understanding and usage of the ServiceNow modules.

5. Plan Your Roadmap

A specific roadmap for using your ServiceNow modules across different departments is essential to avoid workflow disarray. You will need a specific roadmap for each department to make sure their development can be done in a timely manner and able to serve the IT solutions needed by each department.

The implementation and planning for each department will surely take time and patience. However, it’s essential to avoid any cross-path and roadblocks caused by the dissaray of different departments.

6. Train The Team

Although the ServiceNow Consulting company will enable you to work on your ServiceNow flawlessly, it’s still important to train your team to use and develop the ServiceNow modules daily. By the time you start using the ServiceNow Consulting service, you must also start planning the training for your team to enable their development in using the module.

There are three groups of people that will require to get ServiceNow training:

a) Implementation Team – These are the people who will be directly implementing ServiceNow in your business process and help with all the errors. They are sometimes trained professionals or a specifically appointed team member that will get concise training from the ServiceNow team.
b) Maintenance Team – They are usually internal employees trained professionally by the ServiceNow team to get a certification to help you tackle any ServiceNow problems.
c) End Users – The end user, usually business people, must be trained professionally to use the platform. This will ensure the effectiveness of the ServiceNow usage and enable the ServiceNow to affect your business process immediately.

Value Three: Validate

7. Create A Value-Driven Governance

Making a value-driven governance team and the system is essential in ensuring that using ServiceNow always aligns with your business goals. During the development of ServiceNow throughout your business process, the users can be easily disarrayed and lose sight of the company’s main business goals – hence, derailing the decision-making system and slowing down the business process.

That’s why it’s crucial to create a governance team for each group of stakeholders to ensure the decision-making process is strictly based on the company’s main objective in using ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Consulting Service – CTG

In ensuring the maximum value of your ServiceNow usage, one essential component is picking the perfect ServiceNow Consulting sponsor for your company. CTG has worked with clients in North America and Western Europe to help solve their most critical information, technology, and business challenges.

It’s been years since the CTG utilized ServiceNow and became one of the official ServiceNow Consulting partners to ensure they can cover all the client’s IT solution needs.

CTG supports the following ServiceNow Consulting solutions: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Business Management (ITBM), HR Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), DevOps, and Customer Service Management (CSM).

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