Recommended Apps for Your March Madness Bracket

It’s that time of the year again when March Madness is in full swing. And with the games, of course, come the bets and predictions. March Madness predictions have come far from the paper betting slips of days past. Now bets can be conveniently placed and followed on apps.

Several apps now provide news, game analyses, and bracket tracking. Some apps offer more features to users than others. Understanding these features will help you pick the best app to track your wagers.

This article will explore some of the best March Madness viewing apps for making brackets, and why you should add them to your arsenal this season.

The NCAA Official March Madness App

The NCAA conveniently has an entire March Madness app with all the necessary features. It comes with news, radio broadcasts, and the option to stream games as they happen, which comes in handy when you’re on the go and don’t want to miss a game.

It is also straightforward to fill and send a bracket. You can have unlimited people in your bracket pool to bet with your friends. Daily personalized notifications also help you keep track of your brackets.

While the app is impressive, the interface can sometimes get pretty crowded with all the features provided. However, you can still find the best parts on the home tab. The daily notifications can get bothersome, but there is an option to turn them off. The app is easy to use and reliable, which makes it an excellent pick to follow the tournament.

ESPN Tournament Challenge

ESPN provides a beginner-friendly app with an aesthetically pleasing feature arrangement. It features articles that discuss the tournament itself, which gives the impression of a community rather than a betting app.

The app also offers insight into teams which is helpful when creating your bracket, especially if you’re new to basketball. Another feature is the Autofill feature, powered by their Basketball Power Index, which fills out your bracket with general team placements and helps you get a feel for the action.

The ESPN app does not account for upsets, where an underdog team can defeat a more highly ranked one. As a result, the autofill feature may not be as accurate as you’d like. That feature is intended as a guide and not a sure prediction, so that does not count as much of an issue. This app is straightforward and the best pick for an aspiring bracketologist.

CBS Sports App

CBS Sports caters to a wide range of sports, not just basketball, unlike the others listed, making it easily customizable to the user’s tastes. In addition, the setup process is straightforward, allowing users to follow their favorite teams closely, as well as the 24/7 analyses of all games provided.

Another great feature is the daily schedule, enabling you to make plans as soon as you log on. Finally, like the ESPN app, it provides an Autofill option that considers user settings, expert opinions, and an app-generated bracket. In addition, CBS’ partnership with Caesars Sportsbook makes for seamless bet placing, thus enhancing the experience.

However, unlike the other apps, the user interface isn’t as intuitive, making the app more difficult to navigate. It also limits brackets to ten, as opposed to the twenty-five offered by other apps, diminishing how much users can engage with the tournament.

Finally, the added fact that it is integrated with other sports news may make this app less inviting to purely basketball enthusiasts.

Both basketball fanatics and newbies favor these three apps of all March Madness bracket apps. They are easy to use, act as resources for beginners, and provide streaming features for Android and iOS users.

The news and broadcasts also help users easily keep up with their favorite teams. In addition, bracket pools offer a convenient way to create brackets with friends and enjoy the tournament together.

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