Opportunities from playing in NFT games

It’s no secret that now with the help of NFT you can start making good money. But not many people know that now you can get NFT in games. Therefore, today we will consider this topic in more detail.

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Every day we will hear more and more about NFTs, assets that function like digital certificates of authenticity that are no longer seen as a mere phenomenon. They can be used to buy and sell ownership of digital goods. In addition to being used in works of art, the gaming industry has opened the door to a world in which users move from recognition to reward.

What is NFT or Earning Games?

NFT games are blockchain-powered video games where items such as avatars can be bought, sold, or rented, becoming unique non-fungible tokens that we can trade. They are commonly referred to as “play to earn” because they are associated with their economy, which allows users to earn money from them.

This type of NFT-based game has caught the interest of large companies in the sector such as Electronic Arts or Sega, who are already exploring how to become part of the industry. Such is the case with Nintendo, which, in presenting its financial results for the last quarter, acknowledged the potential of the NFT and the metaverse. According to brand analyst David Gibson, the company is interested in these technologies, although they believe that they have yet to determine how to integrate them into their products, and for now, they prefer to watch the sector develop.

While some are wary of speculation and the lack of conventional laws that can regulate the situation with video games, many people who already intend to invest in virtual weapons, real estate, vehicles, and other objects that only exist in the game and have the advantage that they cannot be copied or faked as they are unique objects encrypted by the blockchain.

Features of NFT games

NFT-based games have several characteristics that distinguish them from traditional video games. Let’s see the main ones:

-These are games in which the objects we use constitute a unique and inimitable NFT in themselves.
-While in traditional video games you pay real money to unlock new screens or abilities, in NFT games you use tokens. We are talking about games that have their economy supported by the blockchain, based on the metaverse and cryptocurrencies, in addition to smart contracts.
-The value of NFTs in NFT games depends on their usefulness, specificity, and the price people choose to pay for them.
-Each user is responsible for the safety of their assets, preventing the theft of these digital assets or as a result of fraud or phishing.

The gaming industry thinks not only about the fact that users are entertained, but also about the fact that they receive various prizes. So now you can find games with which you can already earn cash rewards in real life.

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