What are FB2 Files? How to Open FB2 Files?

Probably you downloaded an ebook that has .FB2 extension and you are wondering what is a FB2 file? How to open a .FB2 file? Here’s the answer.

FB2 is short for FictionBook 2.0. Its a ebook file format that uses XML to describe the file contents like MS Word. To open FB2 file, you need special ebook viewers.

Free Ebook Viewers to Open a FB2 File

STDU Viewer: A free ebook viewer that can be used to open multiple file formats including the FB2 format. It has a nice tabbed interface with standard reader features such as rotation, search etc. STDU viewer can also be used to extract the pages as images from DjVu and PDF files.

Cool Viewer: it is also a free ebook reader that supports FB2 file format. It has features such as text reformatting, smooth scrolling and a fully customizable palette.

Both these FB2 viewers are for Windows operating system only.

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