One Trick That Will Definitely Increase Your Adsense Earnings

I am sure that this simple trick will definitely increase your adsense revenues.

The trick is to avoid image only ads for adsense. You should use text and image ads, or better, text ads only.

I tried this on one of my sites, and my adsense revenue for the last month was much higher then it usually is. I agree that one months statistics isn’t enough to prove anything, but still there is no harm in trying.

The logic behind this is simple. Many people use Ad blockers these days. And most of these software block image ads. So your image only ad end up not showing at all. Moreover, text ads are more contextual then image ads, thus increasing your CTR.

Another reason for avoiding image only ads is that if your content is too specific to a particular niche, and there is no image ad available for that particular niche, then Google will display public service ads, which is probably the last thing you’d like to see on your website.

And look who’ll testify for this theory of mine, Google itself. I have never seen any image ad on orkut, gmail and the usual google search results. Guess why?

However, you should also keep this point in mind that you may earn more with image ads sometimes. But you’ll definitely earn nothing if they don’t show up at all.


While choosing the ad type in adsense dashboard, always choose text and image ads option.

Try this trick and post your experience here.

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