Monetizing Your TikTok Presence: How to Turn Viral Moments into Revenue Streams

A powerful social platform that can be used to create and share short videos is TikTok. It is extremely successful among users of all ages and has become a great way for companies to reach new audiences, expand their presence and spread their products or services.

This has revolutionized how people consume and create content, providing a platform where creativity knows no limits. Instead, what was just a platform for fun dance challenges and viral videos has now evolved into a lucrative opportunity for content creators to invest in their passion.

We explore how you can turn your TikTok videos into a revenue stream. Check out how to increase the ranking of your TikTok videos and reach more TikTok likes with special techniques.

There are two ways to monetize through publishing/sharing original content on the platform. The first is with ‘Live’ posts. These are unlocked once you have acquired at least 1,000 followers on your profile. Once this milestone is reached, users can initiate live videos to interact in real-time with their followers. But that’s not all: those participating in the live broadcast can also send money as if they were real donations (a mechanism also present on other platforms, such as Twitch). And thus allow users to monetize.

The second method is to join the Creator Fund. The Creator Fund is structured as a real fund, in which 200 million dollars have been allocated to support original content creators and encourage them to create videos of ever higher quality. The mechanism is very simple: depending on the number of views and the level of involvement of other users, the Creator Fund creates a Dashboard within the platform and starts depositing money into it, with the person concerned being able to withdraw it at a later stage (through other authorized and certified payment platforms, such as PayPal) or transfer it to their account, all in an extremely easy way and with the possibility of monitoring one’s earnings in real-time.

How Many Followers you Can Earn

TikTok’s Creator Fund is all about backing creators. By hopping in, you can earn based on how well your videos are doing. To qualify, you must be 18 or older, have at least 10,000 genuine followers, and have raked in 100,000 video views in the past 30 days. Make sure you’re following TikTok’s rules and guidelines.

You can sign up for this fund right in the app. The earnings are calculated based on various metrics, and you can check them out in your profile settings.

To join the Creator Fund, one has to meet certain standards and fulfill several precise criteria. The first of these standards, as you can easily imagine, concerns the number of followers. To enter the Creator Fund, the minimum number of followers is 10,000. A figure that is low if we consider that there are so many profiles with millions of followers and that, many times, a viral video is enough to ride the wave’s crest. The second and most important standard concerns the number of video views on one’s account. The user must have recorded at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

How Much Does an Influencer Earn on TikTok?

Depends. On TikTok, the dynamics of remuneration for influencers have peculiarities that distinguish it from other platforms, such as Instagram.

If influencers with a following between 300,000 and one million users see a significant increase in their fees, nano, micro and a slice of mid-tier influencers could be doing better. Remember that with 5,000 followers, one can earn a figure of 50 USD per piece of content, but it can be challenging to reach this threshold.

The bar to enter the exclusive club of ‘proper’ influencers on TikTok has been raised, and it is now more challenging than ever for creators with a smaller following to effectively monetize their presence on the platform. Why?

A high follower count on TikTok is often seen as a sign of authenticity and trustworthiness, especially since the platform’s algorithm tends to favor content that generates a high level of engagement.

Furthermore, given the high prices of campaigns on TikTok, brands are more inclined to invest in creators with an established following, believing them to be more reliable and capable of generating a greater impact.

As anticipated, there are three ways to earn money on TikTok

• Selling products on the platform
• Collaborations/partnerships with other brands
• Production and publication of original content on your profiles.

While the first two options represent earning methods already present on other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, the third option is a real novelty. That is, monetizing users by simply publishing content. That’s right: TikTok can pay you just for publishing or sharing content that is original and created by you.

On the other hand, overnight influencers on TikTok are true meteors, with the potential to make millions of views on a single video without ever understanding why, only to return to anonymity the next day. From the point of view of an entrepreneur wishing to invest in an influencer, the algorithm is too volatile to risk. Let’s take a look at the ways you can use to succeed on the platform.

Update Your Profile Bio with Your Shop Link

If you’re a business person or content creator, using your bio as a gateway to your brand is a smart move. Pop your online shop’s link right there in your bio on TikTok, ensuring your audience gets to your products and services with a mere tap.

For clickable bio links, you need a business account. If you’re using a personal account, switch it up. Navigate to your profile and hit the menu. Head over to Settings & Privacy -> Account -> Upgrade to a business account and follow what the screen tells you.

After you’ve made the switch, hit Edit Profile. You’ll spot the Website section under Business Info. But hold on! Before TikTok lets you pop in that link, you’ve got to get your business registered on their platform. You’d need to hand over some basics, like your business license details. Once done, slide your URL into the Website section and hit Save.

Still need help to spot the website box after jumping to a business account? It could be because of certain restrictions, like your follower count or location-based issues.

Insert Keywords Correctly

After you’ve found your keywords and search terms, it’s time to insert them in relevant places in your TikTok videos. This is similar to SEO for websites, where keywords appear in specific places. It just adapted to how TikTok will work in 2023. This is where your keywords belong:

• In the spoken text – mention your most important keywords in the video by saying them out loud, especially at the beginning. TikTok automatically generates captions from what you say, registering keywords as you speak.

• Insert on-screen: insert important keywords as text, especially in the first five seconds. This can be a headline, for example, and preferably as a sentence, not just incoherently, to sprinkle in more keywords.

• Title and video description: keywords also belong in the title and description of the video, both as text and as hashtags. As mentioned, you now have over 2,000 characters available here, so take advantage of them! Also, in this case, it’s best to mention your main keywords at the beginning.

Rack Up Virtual Gifts from Your Fans

TikTok lets creators cash in on their content. How? By letting followers dish out virtual gifts in diamond forms. Two ways to get these: LIVE broadcasts and video gifts on posted content. Once these diamonds are in, you can cash them out.

If you are over 18 years old and have more than 1,000 followers, TikTok allows you to host your own live streams and collect donations from your viewers. Users can purchase diamonds during your broadcast and then donate them to you. One diamond has a value of about 5 cents. After the LIVE stream, you can see the number of collected diamonds in an overview and convert them into cash via Paypal. TikTok keeps 50% of the revenue itself.

As you can see, there are already several ways to earn money on TikTok. However, most of the options so far are geared towards users with many followers. But who knows what the future holds for the dynamic trend app?

LIVE Gifts lets viewers shower you with diamonds during your LIVE sessions. Start your LIVE, and as you’re at it, viewers can start dropping gifts. When you wrap up, the diamond count is displayed in your LIVE summary.

Your fans can also hit the ‘gift’ button on your videos, giving a nod to your creativity. But to get in on this, you’ve got to be 18 or older and in a region that offers this perk while also sticking to TikTok’s guidelines.

Here’s how it works: followers buy coins on TikTok, swap them for virtual gifts, and then shoot them your way. You’ll see your diamond stash in Settings & Privacy -> Balance.

Another ace? Live subscriptions. Your fans pay a monthly fee to tune into your broadcasts. Keep your content game strong and engage with your audience to boost these gifts. Explore other platforms that pay content creators, too.

Put the Focus on the First Few Seconds of your Videos

This strategy is a good idea anyway because you only have a short time to convince users to watch your videos in the first place. But with this strategy, the goal is also to get them to watch the video until the end, which is a positive signal for TikTok. This is often done through a question or call-to-action at the beginning of the video, encouraging them to watch it.

But the end of videos is also important. At this point, for example, you can insert calls to action or ask open-ended questions that your followers can then answer in the comments columns.

Take Tips from Your Followers

TikTok lets creators earn by getting tips straight from viewers. They’ve teamed up with Stripe to handle these payments. To get in on this, you must meet certain requirements, including age, follower count, and location.

To set this up, head to your profile, tap the menu, and navigate to Creator Tools -> Request a tip -> Send. If Stripe asks for account setup, follow through.

Once you’re in, a dashboard lets you see all the tips rolling in. Remember, Stripe may take a day to reflect your tips, but they’ll handle weekly bank deposits.

Turn to TikTok Shopping for Direct Sales

Another way to earn money on TikTok is by selling your merchandise items. For a test run, TikTok has been integrating the social commerce platform Teespring into the app for some time now. You can also link to another site via a link in your bio to sell your own products. However, to sell your own merchandise, you need a certain fan base with a high propensity to buy.

With TikTok Shopping, creators and businesses can hawk their goods directly. Brands can set up shop on their profiles and showcase products. But creators can also link with brands and plug products into their content, earning a commission for every sale through their links.


TikTok has set the stage for creators and businesses not just to showcase but also profit. While there are several ways to monetize, always check the fine print – age, follower counts, and regional restrictions can play a part. Consider also getting into sponsorships or even putting some cash into boosting your content’s reach.

In any case, regardless of the sums that one can put in one’s pocket, what is certain is that TikTok is no longer just a social network where one can distract oneself for a few minutes or where one can interact with one’s friends and acquaintances. Rather, it is a real business opportunity for all those who produce quality content and wish to make social networking their real profession.

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