Get 75% Discount on Mobile Recharge

If you have a prepaid mobile connection, where you recharge your mobile plan as and when needed, then you are probably always looking for a discount on mobile recharge or a free mobile recharge.

There are many ‘free mobile recharge’ websites that give you free discount coupons for online retailers that are worth same as your recharge amount. Its a great deal if you shop online frequently, but at the same time, this deal is not much useful as you need to spend some more money to redeem the discount. But here’s a mobile recharge discount that you simply can’t miss!

There is a new mobile recharge service provider in the market who is giving upfront 75% discount on your mobile recharge. This means that you need to pay only Rs. 250 for a recharge of Rs. 1000. And there are no strings attached. You get the recharge discount instantly.

How To Get 75% Mobile Recharge Discount

• Go to and download the sendly app for your mobile Currently both iOS app and Android app is available.

• Sign up with your email address and enter your prepaid mobile number with country code.

• Opt their intro offer which gives you Rs. 1000 recharge for only $3.82 which is about Rs. 250 only (currency converter).

• Fill your debit card or credit card details to complete the transaction.


If you don’t want to spend Rs. 250 for recharge, you can optin for a smaller recharge as you can see in the screenshot above. But we recommend getting the maximum possible mobile recharge discount as this is a limited time offer.

Currently this offer is available in 50 countries including India. To find out if this mobile recharge discount is available for your country, you can see complete list of the countries on their website.

Note that since sendly is a new service, we suggest you to either use a debit card or a virtual credit card with their service to avoid any potential misuse of your real credit card information.

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