Looking for a Stock Trading App? Here Are a Few Suggestions

Stock trading has never been easier than today. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone nowadays so all you need to do to trade stocks is have an app. However, there are plenty of stock trading apps, best free forex trading signals app to choose from. So, you’ll need to weigh in the pros and cons before picking one. But that’s a lot of work and a lot of time you can just spend trading. In that regard, here are some stock trading apps you can choose from:

Fineco Bank

The thing about Fineco Bank is that it’s a multi-purpose online broker with an app available as well. What makes it one of the top apps you can choose is the fact that it offers CFDs as well as traditional stocks. So, you can implement both long-term and short-term trading strategies.

The platform makes sure to offer you shares from international markets. Naturally, the fees will differ from exchange to exchange. If short-term CFD trading is your thing then with the Fineco Bank you can trade CFDs commission-free. Trading with forex, bonds, indices, and other kinds of assets is also possible.

Moreover, with the Fineco Bank app, you’re offered a system that tracks investment performance as well as a portfolio of management tools. In short, you’ll have all you need to trade stocks with this app.


What sets apart the eToro app from other stock trading apps is that it’s a free app that offers high-quality services. Besides that, this app lets you purchase shares without the need to pay fees or commission. It offers you shares from the UK, as well as shares from companies in Canada, Japan, Sweden, and other countries. These features make the app appear on more than one list of the best stock trading app UK stock traders use, but it’s also one of the top ones in other countries.

If you’re new to stock trading, eToro has you covered with the educational trading feature. It also offers stock trading with cryptocurrencies and a user-friendly interface. There are also various ways you can deposit money to eToro so it’s up to you which one you chose.

Finally, you can copy the trading practices of other users if you find them useful. With all this in mind, it’s clear why so many people have opted for eToro. However, there are other great apps as well.


This stock trading app is famous for offering users cheap fees. Plus500 has moving spreads which are some of the most competitive ones on the market. It’s a CFD trading app that has a variety of instruments available as well as stocks from markets all over the world.

Besides stocks it lets you trade with indices, forex, ETFs, commodities, and more. This is another great trading app for beginners because it offers them an unlimited demo account. With it, novice stock traders can practice trading stocks. Another important this to mention about Plus500 is that it’s a highly secure app.


Unlike any other trading app, Libertex doesn’t charge the mark-up on spreads. It’s also a CFD trading app that gives you access to lots of popular markets. So, you can trade with stocks, as well as digital currencies, commodities, and forex. Analysis tools are also part of the package and they can help you with making your trading decisions. To top it off, the app also offers an educational section for those new to trading.


These are only some of the great apps that you can use. Depending on which app you chose, you’ll also get some training if you’re new. Looking for advice on things to avoid, how to market research outsourcing and more is always a good idea.

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