List of Websites To Convert YouTube Video to MP3

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Recently I posted how to download YouTube video in MP4, FLV and HD formats using a bookmarklet. But sometimes there is no need for the video and you just want to listen to a song. So, how to download just the audio from the YouTube video?

You can get only the mp3 (audio) from any YouTube video using any of the free web services listed below. These websites can convert any non copyrighted video into mp3 automatically.

Websites To Download MP3 From YouTube Videos

WinX Video Converter: A free desktop software supports to download 4K videos from YouTube and 1000+ sites to not only MP3 but also any formats.

GetAudioFromVideo: Can convert YouTube video to multiple audio formats including mp3 and mp4 (for your iPod). You can also upload your own video to GetAudioFromVideo and extract the audio out of it.

Mp3ify: As the name suggests, it lets you download mp3 from any YouTube video.

Youtube-MP3: Simplest yet most powerful video to mp3 converter. Converts any YouTube video to mp3 instantly.

Video2mp3: Just like the above web services, it converts videos to mp3. Although it works for both YouTube and Dailymotion videos. This site also offers free Firefox, Google chrome and Safari plugins to convert any video to audio.

YoutubetoMP3: Can convert YouTube videos, Yahoo videos and Flickr videos to mp3.

Please let us know if you find any other YouTube video to audio conversion web service. We will update this list as soon as we hear from you!

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