A Guide of Tracking Kid’s iPhone to Keep Them Safe

Children can get caught up in all sorts of misbehavior, either by accident or on purpose. For many parents, being 100% aware of their kids’ activities on the phone is a daily responsibility. Most parents would like to track their kid’s iPhone to see their accurate and real-time location.

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If your kids own an iPhone, or you recently decided to concede into their relentless pleading for a new iPhone. You may find yourself speculating how you can leverage your daughter or son’s shiny gift to keep an eye on them.

The answer is ‘simple’. First, you’ll need to get their Apple account username and password. Luckily, there is an iPhone tracking app that I am going to introduce to you in this guide. Don’t move a muscle!

Part 1: How to Track Kid’s iPhone to Keep Them Safe

Suppose my parents had been unable to track me during my childhood days. They would have found me either rolling on the dirt or building a castle with cartons in our neighbor’s backyard.

I certainly wasn’t on the phone sexting or playing video games or shoplifting or whatever kids do for kicks these days. Therefore, it’s essential to check on your kids if you suspect any real danger, and do it remotely. Don’t destroy their privacy and trust in you.

Keep Tabs on Your Kid’s iPhone with TeenSafe

Apple has a reputation for creating iOS devices very hard to hack. However, with the advance in technology, bypassing the security measures put in place is possible. Today, monitoring apps can track an iPhone without installing it.

Suppose you want to secretly track your kid’s iPhone to keep them safe without installing an app. The best option is to use a third-party software called TeenSafe.

TeenSafe is a legit excellent app primarily developed to track your child’s iPhone. It has a user-friendly interface with over 30 features and a FREE live demo. If you don’t believe me, visit TeenSafe homepage now to see how it works to track children’s iPhone activities.

Part 2: Characteristics that Make TeenSafe the Best iPhone Tracking App

There isn’t an iPhone tracker app that’s more reliable and trustworthy than this. It has received very favorable reviews from major media outlets, the likes of Forbes and iGeeksBlog. Furthermore, TeenSafe enjoys the support of millions of users from over 190 countries around the world.
Coming next are some of the features that distinguish this tracking app.

Jailbreaking is unnecessary

While most iPhone tracking apps still require jailbreaking, TeenSafe doesn’t need you to jailbreak the target iPhone. To accomplish this strategy, the app uses powerful, cutting-edge technology.

Besides, jailbreaking an iPhone requires technical ingenuity, which most parents lack. Moreover, apart from compromising the security of the kid’s iPhone, it also voids its warranty.

Web-based App

All the surveillance activities of the TeenSafe app take place online. You only need to log in to your TeenSafe dashboard to access the target iPhone’s activities and content. Using any web browser, you can track your kid’s every move on your PC, iPhone, or IPad.


In addition to no jailbreaking and no installation, you don’t have to touch your kid’s iPhone physically. Accessing your kid’s iCloud login information is all you need. TeenSafe uses the iCloud backup feature to retrieve the necessary data to track the target iPhone remotely.

What’s more, the app doesn’t interfere with iPhone performance. Rather, its activities transpire in the background to avoid detection making it impossible to get caught.


With TeenSafe, the third-party apps’ data is inaccessible to ensure the kid’s iPhone’s data privacy. Plus, it’s only you who can access the contents on your TeenSafe dashboard.

Part 3: How to Set up TeenSafe

It takes a few easy instructions to start tracking an iPhone using TeenSafe. The process takes not more than 5 minutes to be complete. Below are the steps involved:

Step 1: Search for the official TeenSafe website and use your login credentials to sign up for a free account. Also, ensure you choose a subscription package that suits your iOS surveillance needs.

track iphone

Step 2: You’ll receive a confirmation email. Hit the “start monitoring” button that’ll lead you to the setup wizard. Enter the kid’s name, age, and select device OS as iOS.

track iphone

Configure the target iPhone by verifying your kid’s iCloud ID.

track iphone

Proceed to select the child’s iPhone you want to track. TeenSafe will take a few seconds to sync all data on the kid’s iPhone with your dashboard.

track iphone

Step 3: Next, log in to your TeenSafe account to gain virtual access to all aspects of the target iPhone. Here, on the scroll panel to the left, click on ‘Location’.

track iphone

You’ll get your kid’s live location pointed out on the map, plus a route history. As such, you can always track all the places your kid has visited during the day.

Besides, if you want to restrict their movement, you can set a boundary using the geofence feature. It sends notifications whenever the set parameters are crossed.

Part 4: Other Remarkable TeenSafe Surveillance Features

Call Tracker: TeenSafe allows you to see call history accompanied by timestamp for each call made. Details such as contact name, duration, time, and date are available. You can view the contacts in the address book and their details.

Browser History: You can monitor your kid’s online activity, view browsing history, and even filter web content. Details of all the sites visited will be displayed for your review.

Text Messages: The app automatically backs up all send and receive messages on the iPhone SIM Card. Every message has a contact, date, and timestamp. Also, you can see and download multimedia files.

Social Media Monitoring: Most cyberbullying happens over social networks. With TeenSafe, you can get access to view all chats and posts made on kid’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.


To keep your kids safe from online predators, you need a reliable surveillance app to track their iPhone activity. In this guide, we’ve shown you how to track your kid’s iPhone using TeenSafe. If you want discretion without your kid being wiser, I would personally recommend using TeenSafe.

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