What is International Shipment Release or Int’l Shipment Release in FedEx Tracking

If you are using FedEx to send a package across borders, that is internationally, you will get a FedEx tracking number using which you can check the whereabouts of your package until it is delivered. While tracking your international FedEx package, you will generally see a phrase, Int’l shipment release or International Shipment Release and you are here because you are wondering what does it mean?

It simply means that your FedEx International package has been checked and released by your country’s customs department.

Initially the package starts with FedEx from the sending country, then in receiver country FedEx gives this package to the country’s customs department. They check the package and apply the custom duties and taxes, if any, and then ‘release it’ to hand it over to FedEx again. FedEx then delivers it to the destination address.

Sometimes you will see additional suffixes like Import and Export to the original Int’l shipment release or International Shipment Release FedEx status.

FedEx International Shipment Release

Normally the International Shipment Release – Export FedEx status is not displayed in FedEx tracking as most countries don’t enforce strict rules to exported stuff. But if you ever see it, it simply means that your FedEx package has been released from your own country to be delivered internationally.

The International Shipment Release – Import status is what you normally see and its same as the default International Shipment Release status without any suffix. It has been already explained above.

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