Instagram Trends and Updates: Valuable Insights on How to Stay Relevant for More Likes and Followers

The value of social media cannot be overstated. Despite growing criticism, it has proven, time and time again, what a fantastic tool it is to remain connected and, most of all, relevant.

Instagram is no exception. Celebrities, influences, and ordinary netizens come up with many strategic and, yes, creative ways to boost the likes for Instagram post to get more exposure.

Why is staying relevant the objective of these people? And why Instagram out of all the social media platforms?

Of course, these people want to stay at the forefront of everyone’s vision. Nowadays, one day of missing out on a post or a vlog can mean a decline in their engagement rate and following.

Most experts think that Instagram’s algorithm is a real equalizer. In addition, unique strategies add power to one’s online presence.

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The Instagram Algorithm

Okay, do not be too much in awe. This topic is easy to fathom as long as you see how the platform works.

The way it works is that the algorithm of Instagram evaluates every nook and cranny of posted content. It takes into account the following elements:

• Hashtags
• “Alt text” of images
• Captions
• Engagement metrics

With this combined information on hand, the algorithm has the capability of dispersing the created content most uniquely. Followers have easy access to the ones they prefer or are more interested in.

One might ask what can trigger Insta algorithms. Well, one great idea would be developing content related to current events—in short – trending topics.

Trending topics are a surefire way of shaking up the algorithm. Who would want to avoid being in on who is dating whom or who says what at where?

Take into consideration as well the following:

• Posting or sharing at the time your target people are online
• Hashtags, what else?
• Including carousel in feeds
• Consistently putting reels
• Captioning

2023 Instagram Trends

“The only constant is change.”

Everyone has heard of this quote dozens of times. It can apply to all aspects of life, including Instagram.

Yes, this giant of a social media platform keeps on evolving. It seems like the changes never end, prompting Kim Kardashian to say,

“Make Instagram Instagram Again!”

But changes are what makes things more interesting. Instagram continues to trend. For this year alone, there is a huge number to consider.

One is Reels. Tiktok-style, these videos are trendy, yes. But what sets these Insta reels apart is the ability to post behind-the-scenes content. Plus, numerous add-ons such as stickers, polls, and links exist.

Notice how content creators post both on TikTok and Instagram? The idea of sharing videos takes center stage. Influencers on TikTok often ask their followers to follow them on Insta.

Another trending topic is collaboration posts. Obviously, these kinds of posts are made when two creators team up. It is a tag team of sorts. One can only expect success where teamwork is at play.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are co-stars of the TV hit series “The Morning Show.” They often collaborated on Instagram to promote their show and share behind-the-scenes moments.

Selena Gomez’s collaboration with Coach was a standout moment in fashion. As a brand ambassador and designer, Selena brought her unique style to Coach’s products, creating a collection that appealed to fans and fashion enthusiasts. It was a successful blend of celebrity and fashion, leaving a lasting impression.

Next is Paid Promotion. People or businesses pay a platform, like Instagram, to boost their posts or run ads. It is like giving one’s content a little push so that more people see it. It is a way to reach a larger audience.

Memes continue to enthrall everyone. When someone mentions memes, the first thing that comes to mind is funny images and witty captions. But there are undoubtedly other formats.

What’s next? Carousel posts!

One can include up to 10 pics and vids on a single post. The more the merrier! Interestingly, Instagram carousel posts have the highest engagement rates among post types on any social media platform.

Who is not familiar with brand personalities? Instagram has evolved beyond simply posting beautiful pictures; it has become a hub for connecting with brands and creators with unique and compelling personalities.

Brands that effectively showcase their personality on Instagram foster deeper connections with their audience and inspire higher levels of engagement. Some brands include Burberry, Starbucks, and Nike. No one can deny their success.

Finally, there’s “Add Yours.” It’s an interactive sticker within users’ stories. These add-ons create public threads so the followers can share their stories, too.

This kind of interaction sparks a new level of connection among the online community. What could be more exciting and trendier than that?

Getting More Likes and Followers

Having now known the most up-to-date trends on Instagram, one might sit back and relax and watch numbers increase.

But hold on right there! Knowledge is just one part of the deal. More Likes and followers will be better than that.

Those trends won’t mean a thing if you don’t use them adequately. Check out some of these ways.
One is to produce note-worthy content consistently. As most people say, quality over quantity.

Let’s say Sarah makes a winning post one day but can’t keep that up consistently. And so she satisfies herself with mediocre posts the next few days.

Were her followers satisfied? Definitely not! They have already seen what Sarah can do when she makes excellent content.

Now, they crave the same kind. Anything lower than that gets thrown out the window. And what happens next? An unfollow!

So, what can make content great? Just think of these four words: entertaining, useful, interactive, and thoughtful.

The second action to take is to consider Search engine optimization. SEO practice goes beyond site traffic.

When someone searches within Instagram, they will find regular keyword searches. So, to upend the search level of one’s Insta page, one has to immerse keywords within the bio and caption, add image alt texts, and include location.

Third – Instagram pages and content are a dime a dozen. To be a cut above the rest, have a unique and identifiable style. Ooh. It’s time for aesthetics:

• Be authentic. One’s personality must shine through captions and stories.
• Craft engaging narratives within posts. Share personal anecdotes, experiences, or even challenges overcome. Followers connect with stories, especially if they resonate with what they have experienced.
• Play around with filters and themes. Let the preferred style be seen and recognized.

The fourth step would be taking advantage of various formats. When focusing only on reels, it can become tedious to watch. Spice it up a little!

Do stories! Short but raw and enigmatic content can be your stairway to success. Here are some story hacks to become familiar with.

Reels, stories, lives, and feeds. Instagram has it all!

Writing great captions is the next course of action. Some might say,

“What do I need captions for? My images are great!”

Good point. However, the accompanying writing of the image can make or break its influence on those who see it. The image can become just a tiny dot in a whirlpool of pictures. But a great caption ensures retention.

Consider these examples:

Exploring new horizons one city at a time.

It’s a great caption for a travel post, eh?

Sweat today, shine tomorrow!

This one can accompany a post about getting fit and healthy.

Selfie with Friends? Try this –

Laughing with the best company, making memories that last a lifetime.

Remember, a great Instagram caption often complements the image and adds a personal touch or story to your post.

Using Hashtags

Finally, it is all about the hashtags. This usage can be easy and tricky at the same time. That’s why it deserves a heading all its own.

Think of them as a means to categorize and discover content on Instagram. When used strategically, they can help posts reach a wider audience, including people who are interested in one’s niche or topic.

Use relevant hashtags. They must relate to one’s post and niche. Think about what the post is about and what keywords or phrases are associated with it.

Use a mix of popular and niche-specific hashtags. Famous ones can make the content more discoverable by a broader audience. At the same time, niche hashtags aid in connecting with a more targeted and engaged audience.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but using only some is okay. Same thing – quality over quantity. Using too many hashtags can make the caption look cluttered.

Experiment with different hashtags and see which ones generate the most engagement and new followers. Instagram Insights can be a valuable tool for tracking the performance of hashtags.
Do not use the same set of hashtags for every post. Rotate them to keep the content fresh and prevent the account from appearing spammy.

If a post is location-specific, consider adding a location tag in addition to relevant hashtags. This action can help the content show up in local searches.

Hashtags aren’t just there to make posts searchable. They’re like little boosters for the Instagram magic. When using hashtags, the Instagram fairy (aka the algorithm) will sprinkle the posts into other people’s feeds who can become followers.

An Instagram wish come true!

Staying Relevant on Instagram

It all boils down to relevance.

Think of social media as a massive, ever-evolving conversation with someone. A friend? A family member? A colleague?

Whoever it is, a person who does not become a part of the current chatter runs the risk of getting drowned out by the noise or fading into the background. It is like when, at a party, everybody else is talking about the newly released second season of a controversial but entertaining Netflix original series. Still, someone is not even halfway through the first.

This situation is similar to social media. Users want fresh, engaging, and relatable content. Staying relevant means contributing to the ongoing conversation and engaging the audience effectively.

Moreover, social media platforms, especially Instagram, are constantly tweaking their algorithms. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Staying up-to-date and adapting to these changes help maintain one’s visibility.

It’s not just about survival; it’s about thriving. Relevance helps a person or a brand grow an audience, build a solid reputation, and stand out in a crowded digital space. It’s like speaking the language of one’s audience and showing that they are in tune with their interests and concerns.

Want to make a real impact and connect with people in the digital world? Staying relevant is vital. Remember that.


You can walk away, naysayers. Instagram is here to stay. It has proven its worth up there in a constellation of social media stars.

Who does not want millions of likes and followers? But they need to be considered more than just a number one can boast. They have to be treated as members of one’s online community.

Gaining them needs above and beyond knowledge and skill. Engagement is critical, and it has to be continuously flourished. That way, the community is strengthened and solidified.

There is no overnight success in receiving likes and followers one’s heart desires. But the road is an easy one to take.

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