How William Shakespeare Changed the Modern Understanding of Love

Shakespeare is one of the best literary figures in the English language. All his plays have been performed across the world in different languages. It is reported that he wrote around four hundred years ago. However, we cannot imagine how the world was back then. And how people thought and acted. How can Shakespeare communicate with us today?

Keep in mind that he invented modern English to a huge extent and created a few words that we use every day such as frugal, premeditated, and mimic to name a few. He was also a master at shaping how people see and experience the world. He created 21st-century love. Remember, back in the 16th century, only a handful of people had the time to walk around looking for love, romance, and sex. Here’s how Shakespeare’s poems and essays changed the modern understanding of love.

Don’t try to change your loved one

The tale where the girl meets a body and decides the boy is perfect for her with a few adjustments is as old as time. The girl does his best to change the boy but it doesn’t end happily. From Macbeth’s husband being pressured to kill the houseguest to Petruchio domesticating his wife, such relationships end in heartaches.

Family approval isn’t that important

Nowadays, we don’t focus too much on parental approval. However, it’s quite difficult to date someone whose family is always criticizing you. Although it’s wise to trust your instincts, criticism and disapproval can make it difficult for a new relationship to flourish. Would Romeo and Juliet love each other so much if their families approved of their relationship?

Read essays about William Shakespeare

Do people ever consider how expensive dating is? All those meals and trips can drain the healthiest bank accounts, leave alone one that’s overburdened with obligations. To enjoy your love life, you need to keep reading William Shakespeare essay on and be completely honest with your loved one about your finances. Whatever you choose to do, don’t borrow money to make your loved one happy. You’ll be loved for who you are by taking notes from these essay examples.

A short break can improve a relationship

Whether you’ll be visiting a new destination nearby or traveling abroad with your loved one, taking a short break in a new environment can help in improving the quality of a relationship. Therefore, take your time to travel from time to time with your loved one if you can’t live without your significant other.

Love and hate are not worlds apart

Love and hate have been attributed to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for years. However, Shakespeare was quite clear about the two emotions before Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth met.

Meddling is good at times

In most cases, you should stay out of things that don’t involve you. However, there’ll always be that odd pair of people who are ideal for each other but do not want to acknowledge it. In such a case, you need to meddle. In Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice and Benedick are meant for each other but can’t admit it. Once their friends bond and start matchmaking, the couple embraces what they feel for each other. And they enjoy life together.

Don’t use a friend to hit on your crush

Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night sends his servant to seduce a breathtaking lady on his behalf. However, things don’t go as planned. And Olivia ends up falling in love with the servant. Even with the gender swap issue here, the lesson is quite clear: don’t send your workers or loved ones to hit on your crush. Chances are, you’ll go home empty-handed and full of regrets.


William Shakespeare is one of the best figures in literature. All his plays have been performed in different languages across the world, from small villages to major cities. Apart from creating a few English words that are still used regularly up to date, he created modern love. Back in his days, only a handful of people had the freedom to walk around looking for love, sex, and romance. When he was writing about love, he didn’t just study people. But he wrote from his own experience. He gave people a way to describe their emotions. There are a lot of great lessons that you can learn from Shakespeare’s works. Which lesson has influenced you the most?

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