The Best HackTricks for Student: How to Write and Cite Your Works Faster

Citations can be boring, especially when you have many sources to cite. Without citation, you will not be giving credit to the source and earning you fewer grades. During the writing process, you also need to keep noting every source to ensure you don’t forget later where you got the information from.

Citing your work also requires you to understand the formatting style and use it correctly. It might take you a lot of time to achieve all these. The following tips will help you write and cite faster.

Use better writing tools

Today’s technology has helped and developers have created many writing tools that students can use to write and cite faster. Although there are the traditional writing tools that everybody has known and must recognize them as the default writing tools, you can search online and get better tools.

Some of the writing tools may even allow you to automatically cite your sources. Some will allow you to type the source and the format and they will automatically generate the citation in the correct style.

Correctly citing your work improves your language skills. You should not cite for the sake of citing. Instead, you should correctly use citations for language enhancement. The newer writing tools may be challenging to use at first, but with continued practice, you will become better.

Use editing tools

After you complete writing your assignment, you must thoroughly edit it several times before you finally submit it. The editing process can be tedious and time-consuming. Sometimes you can edit several times and still miss some important punctuation marks, quotes and grammatical errors.

You can save a lot of your precious time by using editing tools. There are many editing tools available online and some are free to use. Go online and search for the best editing tool and use it.

Most of the tools will help you quickly correct grammatical errors because they will highlight the sentences or words that need correction. The tools will also give you suggestions of replacement words or phrases, which you can change after comparing if the flow is correct.

Cite your work with Chicago style

If you choose to use the Chicago style of citation, use the Chicago style citation generator by EduBirdie, which helps students cite their work better and faster. Many students recommend it as one of the first and best citation tools for writing. Most of the students who have used the Chicago style citation generator say the tool generated the citation in the exact format and all they needed to is copy and paste it into their work. If you want to cite faster, make use of this great tool trusted by academicians and students worldwide.

Check if your work is plagiarized

You might write an original piece of assignment ensuring you haven’t used any other author’s work but you can never be sure. Before technology provided ready to use solutions, it would be hard to tell if your work was original or not.

Today, the very first thing your lecturer will check before they even read your work is the plagiarism aspect. Any plagiarized work is rejected without notification. You can overcome this challenge by ensuring you scan your assignment for plagiarism.

There is many plagiarism checker software available online for free or on premium. If there is any plagiarized phrase or paragraph, the software will highlight it and you can correct and scan again before submitting.

Get the right sources

One of the things that can delay you from finishing or even starting your assignment is a failure to know the right sources. If you go to the wrong sources, it means you will have the wrong information and you will get stuck along the way.

Once you get your topic, analyze it and ask yourself several questions like what you need to write about, who or which source could have written something on the same topic.

Next, ask yourself where that source is located and how you will get there. If the source is from a public library, know where the library is and how to get there. Luckily, most sources are available online and you can easily access them by searching.


Assignments are helpful when pursuing a college education. Although they could be challenging, they help students understand their course better. Assignments also help students become better in life after college and serve better in their jobs. There are many tools available online that can help students get better ideas for their assignments. The students can also use the tools to get sources, write and edit faster.

Author Bio: Julius Sim works as the Head of Support Team at Edubirdie and is the key person behind the massive success that the academic writing agency has witnessed. His efforts have eliminated the delivery failures and ensured a high satisfaction level among student customers. His free time is spent watching NBA, biking around the town and listening to classical music.

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