How to write a Proforma Invoice : is it possible to use a template

In order for a transaction to take place, the customer has to agree to the set price for the product/service. It’s not always possible to send a personal message, call or send an email to him. It’s more convenient to use the Proforma Invoice template to create a template document. It uses a detailed breakdown of services, where each item includes one of the key details. If the client is satisfied with everything, he will agree to the deal faster.

Proforma Invoice template and definition

In addition to the use of sample, a definition of the term can be given. A proforma invoice is traditionally called an estimate that is sent to the customer. It contains personal information that relates to the two parties. Other directions include:

• products;
• quantities;
• cost.

The document contains the businessman’s statement about providing the product/service to the customer. The price must be agreed upon. The invoice has no legal force, so it cannot be considered as an obligation to make a purchase. Registration in special books is not required.

How to create a document using a sample

The document contains the same information as a regular invoice. There may be some small exceptions. Six basic items must be present.

1. The term.
2. The invoice number.
3. The date of issue.
4. The description of the item.
5. The price of the item.
6. Total cost.

It is necessary to specify the contact information of the seller and the buyer (with addresses). If the first one is a legal entity, the name of the company should be provided. Taxpayer identification number is also required. If delivery is used, all the nuances should be described in the document. Its cost is displayed in a separate paragraph (to distinguish it from the price of goods and the tax rate).

Information about any discounts is important. You can specify the period during which they are valid. If prices change dynamically (for example, for wheat or oil) you should inform buyers about it in the document.

The proforma is sent before the final invoice is generated. Its preparation is an opportunity to save time spent on writing the final document. When using customizable templates, all actions are performed with a few mouse clicks.

The preliminary document contains basic information. A disclaimer phrase may be present. Before the money is transferred, the amount cannot be written to accounts payable because the transaction has not taken place yet. Accountants have to do extra work because of the document.

All notes are re-entered into the software. Because of this, the business owner faces a lot of red tape. It is possible to choose a simple tool using which documents are quickly created and tracked. They are duplicated in an electronic version as files that can be opened on a computer or cell phone.

Pandadoc program — a convenient service with an electronic signature

The cloud software is suitable for simplifying the procedure. For example, the online service Pandadoc will be your useful assistant. It helps legal entities automate document flow. Here you will find ready-made contract templates written in English. You can choose the appropriate currency, which will be also indicated in English. Analytics is displayed in real time. The advantages include the following ones:

• an intuitive and user-friendly interface;
• possibility to use an electronic signature;
• support of different payment systems.

When processing data, the protection of personal information is guaranteed. You can read about it before downloading the program in the “Confidentiality” section.

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