How To Surprise A Tech Lover? Top 6 Ways

Technology is used by almost everybody today, so chances are you have friends and family members who are tech lovers. However, most people have all of the devices they could ever need, which makes surprising them with a technological gift quite difficult.

You don’t need to worry about giving underwhelming gifts anymore because this post is going to tell you everything you need to know about the latest and most interesting tech gifts. You can give these to your loved one for their upcoming occasion or just because you love them, with satisfaction guaranteed.

1. Custom Keycaps

The chances are that your loved one has a computer or laptop. Most people do these days. Very few people make an effort to decorate their laptops. Buying custom keycaps for a keyboard can enhance the appearance of your loved one’s computer or laptop. Before purchasing custom keys, make sure that you know what they like. More specifically find out if there are any superheroes or film characters they are interested in, so you can get them keys with images of them printed on them. If you are not sure what your loved one likes, ask them. Outright asking them what their preferred keyboard design is will prevent you from buying them something they are not going to like. If you are going to surprise them then ensure your gift is useful; if they do not use their computer often then choose another gift.

2. Trending Tech Subscription or Gadget

On an almost monthly basis, new gadgets are released. Some of these are very interesting, and others are not. If your loved one is passionate about technology then consider subscribing to a magazine covering the latest industry happenings.

Subscribing to such a magazine will help you to keep yourself aware of what is going on so that you can identify the ideal gifts for them. Be sure to speak to your loved one too, regularly asking them if anything is being released that they are interested in so that you can pick the perfect gift for them.

3. Consider Software

Sometimes, people who are interested in technology prefer gifts that are exclusively online as opposed to physical ones that they can handle. Consider either buying your loved one new software or getting them a game.

If you choose to buy them a game then you may want to buy a voucher for a fixed amount of money from the platform they use to buy video games, i.e., Steam. The reason you should do this is that when you buy them a game yourself, you run the risk of getting them something that they already have or do not like.

4. Outright Asking

Again, as already mentioned, if you are struggling for gift ideas then just come out and ask your loved one outright. Asking them directly is sometimes the best way to find out what they want as a gift. There could be something they want but have not been able to buy themselves that you could get for them.

When asking outright it’s best not to try to be subtle. When you try to be subtle, you run the risk of leading them to believe you are not going to buy them a gift, and as a consequence, they could buy what they want themselves.

5. Searching Around

If the person for whom you plan on buying a gift lives with you, search the house or their room if you can just to rule out getting them something they already have. Getting a duplicate of something somebody already owns can not only be a waste of money, but it can also show your loved one you know very little about them.

Bear in mind though, searching some people’s rooms is not fair and is inappropriate, an invasion of their privacy even. Only search your loved one’s room if you are confident they will not mind.

6. Gifting Money

If all else fails, give your loved one money. Giving them money ensures that they can spend it on what they want, or keep it. Ensure you give them enough to get something decent if you are gifting money. Instead of gifting money, again, you could gift a voucher.

Buy a voucher for a fixed amount of cash on a website or gaming platform that they use. Doing this will ensure they can get something they want and won’t have to hurt your feelings by asking you to return something they don’t want.

When you give your loved one a present, you need to make sure it is the one that is right for them and suits their personality. You can do that by getting to know them and learning about what they already have. Consider the tips mentioned here also.

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