How To Remove or Disable Trending Articles From Facebook News Feed

Facebook has now started showing ‘Trending Articles’ box in its news feed. One of the most trending article I saw recently was on creating an llc in illinois. Trending Articles are displayed on the top of your Facebook news feed and it contains popular articles that are shared or liked by your Friends on Facebook.

Currently there is no way to disable the Facebook Trending Articles box. Another thing to note here is that the Trending Articles box does not always appear, it is displayed randomly depending upon how active your Facebook friends are on the web.

But if you want to disable or remove the Trending Articles box from your news feed, then it can be easily done using the Trending Articles Remover userstyles script.

Just install the Stylish browser extension (for Google Chrome or Firefox). Then visit the script’s page and install the script in your browser. This will disable the Trending Articles box permanently. Note that this will work only for Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

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