How To Protect Your Tech-Based Business Against Cybercriminals

There are various ways to protect your technology organization against dangerous cybercriminals. Everyday, malicious cyber criminals target profitable tech agencies for extortion of goods, services and capital. If their demands aren’t met, they’ll threaten to shutdown systems, erase data, or expose confidential information. As a tech business owner, you need to know how to enforce security protocols to reduce attacks and prevent catastrophic corporate emergencies. Of course, businesses can take basic steps, like improving means of communication through tech. To get started now, read on to learn how to protect your tech-based business against dangerous cybercrimes.

Implement Training

First, implement training to protect your tech business from serious cybercrimes and vulnerabilities. Teach your employees about how to recognize cybercrime and pick up on key warning signs. To promote strong results, you need to train new and existing team members on a regular basis. During these sessions, prepare them for new threats and refresh their knowledge on data breach prevention. Also, you can test their knowledge with careful, “pop-quiz” style examinations. For example, you can randomly send out fake phishing emails and track how your employees respond. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of who is most in need for cybersecurity and threat awareness training. Definitely, protect your business from cybercriminals and online threats with sophisticated, comprehensive training programs.

Install Secure Development Tools And Technologies

Investing in secure development tools and technologies is another great way to promote cross-organizational cyber threat protection. This is especially true for technology companies that are actively building custom software solutions, mobile applications, video games, or IoT connected applications. For example, you can use a Container registry by JFrog as your single, centralized access point to control, manage, and organize Docker images. Additionally, this powerful platform supports infinite scalability, rich metadata, and Kubernetes deployments. From here, teams can manage and deploy images with fine-grained access and permission control. Surely, invest in secure development tools, resources, and technologies to protect your business against cyberattacks.

Create Policies And Practices

Next, create structured security policies, practices, and protocols to protect against serious cyber threats. You want to establish an incident response (IR) plan to prevent attacks, scams and viruses. Plus, develop guidelines for issue, bug, and error resolution. To do so, set up fine-grained access control to secure your company devices and information. Also, you should implement strong passwords, set up two-factor authorization keys, and require authorization with biometric options. You should also set policies regarding how cybercrime incidents will be handled upon identification. If you are dealing with internal cyber criminals, set workplace punishments, such as termination or fines. Certainly, create security policies and practices to protect your tech business.

Get A Cyber Liability Insurance Policy

Also, secure a cyber liability insurance policy to upgrade cyberattack protection in your tech organization. This policy allows third party insurers to takeover a significant portion of your company’s financial risk. A reliable policy will extend to data recovery, computer forensics and possible ransom requests. It can also cover costs of notifying affected parties, like customers, vendors or partners. In fact, it may even cover legal costs and settlements for parties that sue. Ultimately, the price for a cyber insurance policy depends on a number of factors. Your claims history, risk management plan, and business risk level will all play a direct role in your initial quote. Definitely consider getting a cyber liability insurance policy to protect your tech business against cybercrime.

Use A Firewall

Certainly, using a firewall is another highly-effective way promote corporate security against cyber criminals. Firewalls are designed to serve as the barrier between data systems and external, untrusted elements. They prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network, infrastructure and databases. If there is any attempt of intrusion, you’ll me notified immediately. Nowadays, most operating systems have built-in firewall technologies. Ensure the firewall is enabled before you log into your software applications, platforms, or networks. Certainly, use a firewall to protect your business against serious cybercrime.

There are several steps to protect your tech business against different types of cybercrime. First, implement a sophisticated, structured training program for your entire team to partake in. Next, create scalable security practices and policies that protect your growing organization. You should also invest in secure development tools and technologies to defend your pipeline against major internal or external threats. Also, using a firewall will help secure networks from the outside world. Furthermore, getting a cyber liability insurance policy may be a great option to reimburse you in case of an attack, breach or threat. Follow the points above to learn about how to protect your tech business against cybercriminals.

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