How To Print A Poster of All Your Facebook Friends

PrintingFacebook is a cool web service that lets you print a poster containing the profile picks of all your Facebook friends.

Using this tool you can easily create customized Facebook Friends Poster and then paste it on your wall, that is, the actual wall of your room, and not the Facebook wall :). You can also create a poster from all the fans of a Facebook page or Group.

PrintingFacebook is created by Benjamin Lotan. This service is very easy to use. Just visit the website, and connect it with your Facebook account. It will then fetch all the profile pics of your Facebook friends. You can then customize the look and feel of the poster by changing the spacing between the pics, background color etc.

After finishing the design, just pay by paypal to get the poster shipped to you. The cost is $20, and $6.00 for shipping in US.

The poster will be printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper, and will be printed using a RA-4 photochemical process. In simple words, it means that it will be a high resolution poster. The size of the poster will be 20 inch by 40 inch. Get your Facebook Friends Poster Now!

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