How to Make Audio Waveform for Video in 2023

Are you a fan of soundwave animations that have recently made waves on social media? If so, try creating a similar style of video yourself.

An audio wave, also known as an audiogram, is a typical tool used to tease long-form content and show snippets from newsletters and social media. It can be used to illustrate audio content and make it more vivid.

Since soundwave animations are very popular on various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you might wonder how to make these videos. In this article, we will talk about ways how to create an audio waveform generator for videos.

Create Audio Waveform for Video in 4 Ways

Waveforms show an audio channel’s height and amplitude, creating a dynamic audio visualization.

1. Create an Audio Waveform using Kapwing

You can create videos with subtitles through Kapwing, one of the best online video editors. Apart from having all the necessary tools for video editing, you can also easily add subtitles. You can either manually type them or upload a “.SRT” file, and Kapwing will automatically generate them.

Additionally, you can add a waveform to your audiogram using this online editor. To do so:

• Go to the “Elements” and add a “Waveform” section.
• You can then change the waveform’s speed, color, and form.

2. Create an Audio Waveform using Descript

A tool for video and audio editing, Descript is available as a desktop app or a web version. Certain features are not supported in the browser, so using the desktop app is preferable.

Easy to use, Descript is a tool that can be used to transcribe audio or video files. It starts transcribing the audio or video once it has been recorded, allowing you to edit the text. Apart from correcting the text, it also lets you change the speakers’ names, add or remove parts of the content, and change the timing.

In Descript, overdub is a cool feature that allows you to change something you have said by striking out your words and writing new ones, then converting the text into audio. This is useful if you want to remove all the filler words in your speech. The app can do it independently, but the PRO version only has this function.

What More Can it Offer?

In addition to transitions, animations, and keyframes, you can add other features to your video editing project. You can export it to various other video editing apps, such as Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro. You can additionally change the audiogram’s color, font, and appearance.

3. Create an Audio Waveform using Headliner

You can create audiograms, teasers, entire podcasts, or edit videos. Adding audio is simple, and you can also post an RSS link, search for podcasts by name, or paste a Descript link.

You can also choose the ratio of your video’s audio to the subtitles in Headliner. You can create a version of the subtitles similar to a karaoke song and add it to the finished product. With the editor’s ability to modify the timing, the added effect will suit the words being said.

The audiogram’s ratio can be changed later, which is useful if you are working with different platforms. You can also add a background color, an image, or text to your audiogram and select a waveform you prefer.

4. Use an Audiogram Generator

With the help of a web-based program like Audiogram, you can easily create videos with embedded software such as Soudwaves. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time learning how to use software to produce professional videos.

If you want to create a clip from an existing published podcast, use the search feature to find the episode.

After loading your audio, choose a section you want to use. We recommend keeping the duration of your clip short to get people hooked, and remember that social media is short on attention spans.

Bottom Line

Creating vibrant and engaging content is important, but there are times when you have to spend a lot of time creating a compelling and interesting podcast. With the help of tools such as these, you can easily create engaging and quick videos without the need for professional video editors.

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