How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

A large portion of parenting involves ensuring a safe environment for your young ones. This exercise sees you keeping an eye on the places your kids go, their friends, and most importantly, their online activity. A lot happens in cyberspace, and every parent feels a duty to ensure that there’s no access to inappropriate content, as well as observing generally healthy and safe online habits.

In monitoring social media activity, you ensure a safe environment for your kids on social media platforms, you keep away predators and restrict access to inappropriate content. To achieve this, you need a powerful mobile spying app such as Safespy.

This software runs on both Android and iOS devices and discreetly sends you vital real-time information on your child’s online activity. For additional information about Safespy, follow this link.

Understanding How Safespy Works

Safespy allows you to keep an eye on your children’s social accounts. You can run the software on any Android or iOS device, as well as via a remote browser. On both platforms, there’s no need to root or jailbreak your device.

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can set up Safespy.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Safespy account using your email ID. The process takes a minute or two and is pretty straightforward. After creating the account, choose an ideal subscription plan depending on the desired duration and the number of devices being monitored.

Step 2: Once all that is done, you need to set up the target device. The process at this phase varies slightly depending on whether the phone runs on Android or iOS.

For Android: First ensure that the device allows installations from unknown sources in the settings menu. Also ensure that the Google Play Protect feature that improves harmful app detection is disabled.

The setup wizard provides a link for downloading the minute app – less than 3MB – that silently runs in the background on your phone. Allow all permissions required by Safespy then click the Start button. You’re good to go.

For iOS: For the surveillance of iOS devices, you need the user iCloud account details, that is, the username and password. After setting up your free account, select the iOS option and choose your preferred subscription.

You will be prompted to enter the user information for verification. Once that is complete, you can access the dashboard by logging into a remote browser. Note that for iOS devices, you don’t need to physically access the device or jailbreak it. All you need is to deactivate the two-step verification.

Which Social Media Platforms Can I Monitor?

Safespy has a ton of features, and you can conveniently keep an eye on all conversations on the following social media accounts via the app:


Considering that most people communicate on these social media networks, having Safespy at hand ensures that you have all you need to keep an eye on every bit of communication.

As one of the best mobile spying apps available, there are many more features available via this app. Here’s what you can access using the software:

Track calls. You can see who the most contacted people on the call list are, their names, and the cumulative duration of outgoing or incoming calls. The app records calls, which you can listen to later. You may opt to listen to the conversations in real-time.

Live location. Keeping an eye on your children’s social media accounts is not enough, it pays to have an idea of their physical location as well.

Geo-Fence Alerts. Some areas are deemed unsafe or unsuitable for your kids. With this feature, you can pre-mark these regions on the e-map and receive alerts each time your kid visits or leaves these places. Automated alerts ensure that you can go about your business as usual, only looking out for the notifications.

SIM tracker. You will receive details such as the phone number, SIM card number, and IMEI number. An alert will also pop up each time a different SIM card is inserted into the device, and you can see the network provider information as well.

Here are some of the reasons why parents should keep an eye on their children’s online activity:

i. Cyberbullying. Harassment on social media has resulted in some serious long-term effects such as low self-esteem, resentment, anger, and even suicide. Keeping tabs on what is said on your child’s social media accounts puts you in a prime position to make sure that no harm comes to them.

ii. Sexting. Teens often find it exciting to send nude photos or forward the same to someone else on WhatsApp or some other platform. When these pictures land in the wrong hands, a lot can go wrong.

iii. Predators. Child predators scour the internet looking for loopholes and unsuspecting victims. Once exposed to these people, a lot of harm, or even death, may ensue. It is, therefore, your duty as a parent to remain vigilant at all times.

iv. Identify and keep bad apples away. Growing up often involves trying to fit in. in trying to belong, your kid may be exposed to toxic influences on social media. If unchecked, your young one may end up in serious trouble, expelled, or experience grievous bodily harm.

v. Personal reputation. The content posted online may harm your child’s reputation and significantly dent their chances of securing a job in the future. Growing up is a continuous molding process, and you get to guide your kid on what he or she should or shouldn’t post online.

vi. General Safety. All parents should be keen on the amount of information posted on social media platforms. Exposing too much about one’s home, school, daily routine, and so on makes it easier for strangers to physically locate your kid, which is a scary possibility.

There are many more reasons why you should keep an eye on your children’s online conversations, but these are the main ones.

Safespy is undoubtedly one of the best online resources for parents who want to discreetly keep an eye on their children’s social media account conversations.

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