How to get more views on TikTok – 21 Hacks on Getting More Views on TikTok

The best approach to getting more views on TikTok hack combines consistency, high-quality videos, and a well-curated TikTok strategy. TikTok is one of the most amazing social media platforms to capture millions of viewers’ attention and gain the recognition you deserve.

In other words, leveraging TikTok Ads through platforms like is a great way to ramp up the volume of your viewers. The ads make it easy for your content to be in front of people who might be interested in it.

In 2024, Video-centric apps like TikTok will see the most growth, especially in short-form video, as more people choose video over other forms of content. This comprehensive guide concludes with all the best strategies and techniques to boost your reach on TikTok.

Get ready to transform your Tiktok game and increase your chances of becoming the next sensation on the platform.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

Before we can study the hacks to get more views, let’s look at what the TikTok algorithm generally does. The TikTok system is designed to serve users’ content on the app’s home page.
This is called the For You page (FYP).

To make the selection, the system recommends content by ranking videos based on several factors, including the interests you’ve already expressed as a new user and adjusting for the things you indicate that you don’t want to see.

So, the algorithm will look at your past views, accounts and hashtags you follow, language and location preferences, and even the type of content you create. Over time, it will also populate your homepage with videos from other creators, which the system thinks you will enjoy.

At the core, factors that contribute to getting more views:

• Engagement on a video, such as likes, account follows, comments, shares, re-watches, and completion
• Subject matter from the caption keywords, effects, hashtags, sounds, video transcript
• Location including posting location, language preferences, and type of mobile device
• Audio such as trending sound or song
• “Not Interested” feedback, such as videos users often hide, skip through, or mark as “not interested.”

Similarly, factors that do not influence the TikTok system include follower count or whether you previously had high-performing or viral videos. So, you don’t need to have many TikTok followers before you can go viral.

How to get more views on Tiktok hack

1. Use targeted hashtags

Hashtags are vital tools to get the TikTok system to push your videos in front of the right audience. Think of them as a means of signaling what type of user you want to see your content.

You must ensure the hashtags you choose to identify and categorize what you are posting. The right TikTok users who may be interested will see it. Besides, you should also look up trending topics and join the conversations using hashtags.

2. Leverage trending TikTok audio

One thing you should know about TikTok is the secret language of trends. Tap into cultural moments by capitalizing on trends, memes, and challenges. Trending audio from songs and music is extremely popular.

When you use this technique to make new content on TikTok, you’ll be able to get your videos in front of more people, not just your existing audience.

Trends also happen through music and sound effects. Every day, songs or sound effects become popular. Making your TikTok video using those sound effects would help you tap into the trend. To do this, here’s what to do.

• Start by tapping “+.”
• Choose “Sounds” at the top of your screen.
• Now, record your video with the chosen sound.

Alternatively, you can use the Tiktok Discover Page to search for sounds using the process below:

• Type the song title in the search field and navigate to “Sounds.”
• Browse through the sound library and tap the sound you want to select
• Finally, record your video.

Remember that the TikTok algorithm assesses trending songs and sounds through TikTok user’s video shares, likes, plays, and other behaviors.

3. Do a Duet

You can piggyback on an already-trending video by doing a duet. The duet feature enables you to share a split screen with another video. As we just said, this other video can be yours or the video of another person.

So you’ll take half of the screen while the other video takes the other half. Depending on the video you’re using, you can sing along, carry out a review, or even a funny dialogue.

The incredible thing about this TikTok video hack is that you will get more views by using already popular content.

4. Focus on the right target audience

You must never forget that you cannot target everyone. So it’s vital that you thoroughly research the types of content and even tone of voice your preferred targets like. To find your audience, look at the accounts within your interests.

Use these as your starting point to research trends, demographics, and interests of your target audience. This will now help you tailor your content to their preferences and expectations.

5. Learn from others

When you’re just starting, figuring out everything about your audience can get overwhelming. You should find and follow communities and other TikTok creators targeting the same categories.

There, you can see the types of content they produce, hashtags, and more. For instance, some TikTok creators might be making short tutorial videos. Others may prioritize Tiktok live, while others add music to gorgeous content.

All these serve as inspiration to guide your TikTok content strategy.

6. Be active on the app

Aiming to create content, upload videos, and forget them isn’t the way to get more views on TikTok. You must actively seek out others, like, follow, and interact with them.

Also, ensure you are actively commenting and answering questions under your own videos. This single strategy can help you shoot up your TikTok videos exponentially.

7. Don’t neglect your TikTok caption

TikTok may be all about video content, but your captions also help you win more views. Fortunately, Tiktok gives you over 4,000 characters of caption length to play around with.

Use your caption to describe your video, provide more context, and even have intriguing conversations with your audience.

The more you’re focused on providing every bit of intriguing information about your content, the better TikTok categorizes your content. Hence, you should leverage a well-structured copy optimized with keywords to improve visibility.

8. Promote your TikTok videos everywhere else

Always remember that your TikTok is one element of your entire strategy. So whether you are posting on TikTok for business or personal reasons, you should also leverage other channels.

Make sure to promote your TikTok on all the other social media platforms, such as your Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. This helps you build awareness and drive more people to your TikTok account.

9. Prioritize high-quality videos

Fortunately, producing TikTok videos isn’t complicated. But you want to get the basics right.

This means you should always shoot videos vertically using high-resolution footage, proper framing, good lighting, and decent sound quality.

Pay special attention to posting only vertical videos because TikTok is designed for mobile use.

10. Prioritize posting short videos

Tiktok allows you to post videos up to 10 minutes long. But this doesn’t mean you should do that. Users on Tiktok always love bite-sized content – that’s the hallmark of the platform.

So, think carefully about the length of your videos and prioritize shorter videos. Experiment with videos of different limits over some time.

Furthermore, if you’re creating a video promoting a product or service, aim to keep the length of that video short to sustain your audience’s attention. Ultimately, the top-performing videos on the platform are between 15 and 60 seconds long. But your ideal length will depend on the content you upload.

11. Focus on a niche

Posting random videos across boards can confuse your audience about the kind of content to expect from you. It’s much better to channel your efforts by focusing on one or several niches.

Consider content themes like food recipes, dating advice, beauty tutorials, or comedy sketches. Focusing on your content helps you build momentum as quickly as possible. In truth, when you’re starting out, focus on one niche for some time before branching out to others you’d like to add.

12. Aim to stimulate attention with editing techniques

Your videos stand a better chance of getting engagement with text overlays. Text overlays are creative attributes that bring people to read. This increases view time and drives recall and engagement.

Beyond that, you should also use other editing techniques such as transitions, music, movement, emojis, and even branding.

When used correctly, they create interest, capture attention, and make your videos memorable. You would want your TikTok viewers to leave with a lasting impression.

13. Use storytelling to structure your videos

Storytelling is a powerful technique that grabs the user’s attention, conveys value, and drives action.

You want to use a strong content structure that guides your audience through your video and keeps them engaged. Generally, the three-part structure consisting of a hook, body, and close works best.

Here’s the process:

Hook: Start with a statement or question that captures your audience’s attention early by creating suspense, striking surprise, or elucidating an emotional connection. Aim to hook your audience within the first three seconds. Let them immediately know the value they will get by watching your video.
Body: Pull your audience through the story using additive cues that continue to sustain their attention. Make this a mix of power words and questions.
Close: End with a solid and punchy call-to-action that seals the deal. Whether it’s to drive them to subscribe to your channels, buy something, or check out your other videos, a strong call-to-action ensures you can shape the outcome of your views on TikTok.

14. Consider live streams

Livestreams are also an awesome way to gain more views on TikTok. And the good part is that you can engage this audience in real-time. This means more opportunities to build deeper connections.

All you need to do is carefully curate the content they want. This ensures they get the most value out of your live streams. Hence, you can engage and interact with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

15. Re-post successful content

Although you should use this strategy sparingly, it’s also a great way to get more views of what’s already trending.

Analyze what resonates with your audience and strategically re-post top-performing videos to maintain momentum. You can also re-post your successful content or content from other TikTok accounts to maximize your reach.

16. Post consistently

The more videos you post, the more exposure you can get. Ideally, you should post multiple videos per day. There is no need to worry about overwhelming your users with content.

TikTok curates its feeds, providing continuous, valuable, and exciting content to users that will feel manageable. This is quite unlike positing multiple Facebook or Instagram videos.

But again, you shouldn’t post with irregularity. Remember, consistency is the goal. You should aim to post high-quality videos at the same time and day consistently. The number of videos you post daily will depend on your resources. But you should use a TikTok content plan or scheduler to make your posting consistent.

17. Find the best time to post

Besides other ranking factors, you also want to beat the system by posting at the optimal time. This depends on the location you’re targeting and the actual time of the day. More people from your community love spending time online.

Hence, there needs to be a universal time to post on TikTok. Research your audience’s scrolling habits and preferences. Use this to seek them out at the appropriate hours of the day to increase your chances of making viral video content.

Host interactive challenges or giveaways to incentivize engagement. This helps you attract new followers and generate buzz around your account.

18. Prioritize the correct type of TikTok video content

You may get fewer views on TikTok if you post sensitive content. This includes videos with weapons, arms, fake blood, or anything that might scare your audience.

There’s no doubt this content does not violate TikTok’s Terms of Service. But only some people are interested in something other than this type of content and will spend more time skipping them.

19. Make a playlist

Tikkok recently released the creators’ playlist that allows you to organize your videos into bundles.

These bundles make it easier for your viewers to consume videos similar to the content they already enjoyed. Plus, playlists will sit at the top of your profile. Hence, it’s a great strategy to increase your views on TikTok.

20. Aim to keep your viewers watching

TikTok also prioritize videos with a high completion rate. So, you want to leverage strategies that hold your audience’s attention until the end. We’ve already talked about using storytelling tactics.

You can also use specific captions or text overlays (for example, “Wait for it”) to make them stick to the end of the video.

21. Leverage TikTok Ads

Ads are an amazing way to increase the volume of your viewers on TikTok, especially when you run them through platforms like Influensly. These ads will push your content in front of people who might have shown interest in your content.

That way, when they like your content, they’ll subscribe, share, like and comment. Hence, it’s one of the best ways to get genuine and authentic followers, which you can nurture into becoming raving fans of your content.

Wrapping Up

Increasing your TikTok views is a possible feat. All you have to do is implement the strategies and techniques discussed in this guide. In no time, you’ll improve your visibility and reach a broader audience on the platform.

Remember that posting high-quality, engaging content and staying up-to-date with the latest trends are the best ways to stand out on the platform. With dedication and creativity, you can capture the hearts of many and walk your way toward creating consistent viral content on TikTok.

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