How To Fortify Your Software Development Supply Chain In 2022

There’s so many critical steps to fortify your custom software development supply chain in 2022. Today’s dev teams are looking for innovative ways to protect the integrity of their SDLC from external attacks, bugs, defects, or vulnerabilities. After all, these significant can cost software companies millions in lost revenue, legal penalties, ransom payments, and recovery fees. Not to mention the cost of reputational damage, which is often unquantifiable. That’s why experienced programmers, like yourself, need to understand the ins and outs of development pipeline fortification. This way, you can prevent catastrophic operational emergencies, inspire ongoing stakeholder confidence, and safeguard your most valuable users. Plus, you’ll be able to protect your business data the right way. To get started now, read on to learn how to fortify your software development supply chain in 2022.

Understand Your Programming Process

In order for any security and data protection protocols to be effective, you need to clearly understand your programming process. With a better understanding of what your build procedures, you’ll know more about the top security practices that you can employ. Then, you can implement efforts like software vulnerability threat modeling, along with secure coding practices. Or, you may want to run platform penetration testing and software engineer security training. Moreover, you may want to infuse software composition analysis (SCA) or dynamic application security testing (DAST) into your custom build pipeline. Surely, clearly understanding your programming process is key to fortify your software

Invest In Secure Development Tools

To further your supply chain protection and fortification, it is incredibly helpful to invest in secure programming tools and technologies. There are several solutions you can use to promote system, user, data, and network protection. For example, you can invest in application security SCA tools to integrate security directly into your programming supply chain. Of course, these innovative configurations are known to streamline DevOps workflows and enable trusted software releases. Certainly, invest in secure development tools and technologies to fortify your SDLC supply chain.

Promote Visibility & Traceability

For key security reasons, it is also necessary to promote visibility and traceability throughout your SDLC. Untrusted components, artifacts, and elements can penetrate your application in many different places. This means you need to be aware of any unverified bits or pieces that enter your supply chain. Also, set alerts to notify you when core components are out-of-date, or require performance optimizations. They can also send you a high-priority message if any vulnerabilities are discovered. To further promote traceability, it helps to support continuous monitoring processes. Indeed, promoting visibility and traceability is key to fortify your software development supply chain in 2022.

Use A Zero-Trust Security Model

Also, it is highly-effective to practice zero-trust operations throughout your custom software development pipeline. Zero-trust network models are all about regularly inspecting, analyzing, verifying, logging, and documenting all development activities. This helps you keep an eye on abnormal operations, system performance malfunctions, or data breaches. If any issues are detected, you can refer to your logs and pinpoint exactly when the error occurred. Of course, this makes it much easier to troubleshoot errors and brainstorm potential fixes. Absolutely, practicing zero-trust operations is one of the most effective, scalable techniques to fortify your software development supply chain in 2022.

Enforce Regular Testing

Moreover, it really helps to enforce regular testing procedures across your growing software development team. Most software teams fail to conduct testing on a frequent-enough basis. Even worse, they rarely conduct performance tests after systems have been deployed. Unfortunately, this is when many serious errors, vulnerabilities, or threats begin to arise. That means you need to commit to regular performance, functional, speed, and security tests to keep your software running smoothly. This way, you can reduce programming expenses, maximize performance, and eliminate major bugs. Definitely, enforcing regular testing is one of the most effective ways to fortify your software development supply chain in 2022.

There are a few key steps for successful software development supply chain fortification in 2022. Before you can focus on other areas of security, you need to clearly understand your build process. To further promote security, invest in the top development tools, resources, and technologies. It also helps to guarantee visibility, transparency, and traceability throughout your custom build pipeline. Also, you need to practice zero-trust operations across your software development and distribution network. Furthermore, commit to regular software testing and system inspections. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to fortify your software development supply chain in 2022.

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