How To Fix Disney+ Sound Not Working On Your Streaming Device

Since its launch two years ago, Disney+ has moved on from the infancy stage and is now considered one of the fiercest rivals to streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Disney+ is one of the finest streaming services out there with plenty of content for everyone.

It offers a great streaming experience, though it’s not perfect, and you may face some issues. One of the problems reported by some Disney+ users is their sound not working. Keep reading if you came looking for a solution to overcome this issue, or you want to fix Disney Plus Not Working in general.

The sound error of Disney+ makes it stop playing the audio of any content, whereas all other apps on your devices play audio sound perfectly. Most likely that’s due to the audio settings of your device that need to be modified. However, the steps may vary to fix this issue from device to device.

Let’s find out how to fix Disney+ sound not working on your streaming device. We will discuss the most commonly used streaming devices only. So, let’s start!

Fix Disney+ Sound Not Working Error On Sony TV

Sony TV sets are one of the most widely used electronics products in the world. Many streaming lovers use it for online video streaming purposes. It’s no surprise if you have a Sony TV and you are facing the Disney+ sound not working error.

That’s primarily due to the audio settings of the TV that are set to Dolby sound by default. To overcome this issue, you will require to change the audio settings to either stereo or LPCM mode. Since there are compatibility issues between Disney+ and Dolby sound, a switch from Dolby is mandatory.

To do that, simply go to the Settings menu of your Sony TV and locate the audio preferences. Under the audio preferences sub-menu, change the Dolby sound to stereo sound.

Fix Disney+ Sound Not Working Error On Projector

Most streaming lovers who have tried to watch Disney+ on their projectors have complained about several issues, including the sound not working error. Despite being a production powerhouse, Disney+ is still struggling to provide a friendly user experience. With several glitches in its smart apps, people have often been left frustrated.

Although users pay their hard-earned money for the subscription to stream Disney+ content, the streamer is still hugely concerned about people casting the stream through a projector. That’s why Disney+ has restricted what content users can stream via a projector. Users also complain about the picture and sound not working while using Disney+. 

If you want to get Disney+ stream over a projector with working sound, download the content you want to watch on your mobile phone device. Then connect your mobile phone with a projector and enjoy streaming.

Fix Disney+ Sound Not Working Error On Android TV

You are not alone if all of your apps are working fine on your Android TV and Disney+ doesn’t transmit the audio at all. Check for any updates pending for your device’s software. Simply go to the settings menu and click on the “About” option and then on “Software Update.” Your device will automatically check for updates, if there’s one pending, install it and restart your Android TV.

If the software is running on the latest version and you are still experiencing no sound, simply change the audio setting of your Android TV to stereo. That will fix the problem in most cases.

Other Things You Must Know About Disney+ Sound Not Working Error

Despite being one of the most trending platforms, Disney+ subscribers have encountered more issues and glitches with its apps as compared to its competitors. Other than no sound working, another issue that several users encounter is the sound breaking or freezing while playing the content.

Depending on the streaming device you are using to watch Disney+, uninstalling and reinstalling the app will fix these recurring issues in most cases.

If sound issues occur occasionally, a reason could be the glitches at the Disney+ end. Simply stop what you are streaming, wait for a few seconds, rewind your video a few minutes, and play it again.


Disney+ offers a wide range of amazing content to watch. That is why millions of users around the world want to binge-watch their favorite shows and films on different streaming devices. While most Disney+ subscribers are satisfied with the quality and diversity of the content, there are a few problems with the Disney+ app that cause inconvenience. Most of the time when you play something, no sound comes out while the picture plays.

Since Disney+ is compatible with a variety of streaming devices, the solution to sound not working error may vary depending on the device you have. It seems like Disney+ and Dolby have a bittersweet relationship, so make sure to switch the audio setting of your device to stereo instead of Dolby.

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